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10 years ago
You want fast? You want turbo charged? This game is for you :-) JM is a speed demon beyond any reason, the layout is top notch, the ramps and loops are beautiful. Re-themed this would be a top 20 pin, as it stands we have a great pin themed on a weird movie.
10 years ago
Meadowlands is a nice tight and rewarding shot, spinner and safe are nice shots. George implemented his Drop Target OF DOOM on this game, a good idea for one game, but not in EVERY game you design plus it catapults the ball over the flippers far too often. Rules are good (although a little tedious to get to wizard mode) including a fantastic wizard mode. Cabinet art is quite nice, playfield is overly colourful for the theme. Nice game well worth owning.
10 years ago
Tell me more about...... No really don't tell me any more! The sounds on this game are pretty crap. Layout is OK but nothing amazing and the rules lack much in the way of imagination. Average game at best
10 years ago
As something different, this game is a stand out piece and as a game the rules work well, for longevity their needs to be a little more to the rules as they can get boring. Sounds are a bit muffled, music is great. As an overall package, it really works a fun game and right at the top of the system 11s
11 years ago
As a location game, AFM is great. For me in the home, it gets a bit boring - it's a good pin but not great IMO
11 years ago
Probably the most fun machine I have owned. The theme, rules and artwork are all stunning, shame the troll flaps couldn't sit flush in the playfield - I still hear new quotes even after a few thousand plays!
11 years ago
There's a reason this game did well on location, the theme and design are married absolutely perfectly. The only let down in the ruleset is not being able to continue with the Mansion (on that ball) after touring. 99 bear kicks and TrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrIIIIpppppllle JACK-POT are the best sound and quote in this era of game.
11 years ago
There just isn't a lot to MB, it's an OK game, but how it got to "A" rated status, I have no idea - it needs a much better ruleset to be a genuine "A" game, the artwork is stunning. Give me a White Water any day
11 years ago
Some proclaim it to be a masterpiece - but to me, the rules are oonly ok, the powerball is great as is the mini playfield. I enjoy playing other people's but I wouldn't have one in my collection again
11 years ago
Once the rules are done, this could truly be a spectacular game. It makes every other machine in my collection look old! I'm not a fan of the group by any means but the game (pardon the pun) really rocks, it has you dancing along in no time. The cannon can be harsh when it fires on its own (from Highway to Hell mode) and the ball drains down the left, could do with a save for that specific occurrence. The bell is a fantastic toy, making it hit the glass is a buzz (shame this isn't in the pro). The mini playfield is a bit boring at the moment but I think there will be specific objectives in the final rule set. SR told me that the rules they have planned are awesome and he thinks it's his best design (and I agree with him).
14 years ago
Possibly the most fun game ever. The price and rules put people off, but with a little tweak to the rules it is a GREAT game. The price? we can;t do anything about that, but it should never come into consideration of how good a game is. The dots are brilliant, the artwork is possibly the best on any pin and there is comedy up there in the speech to rival MM. It really is a top game, if you haven't found one to play, seek one out!!!

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