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7 years ago
Owned for a short time, enjoyed playing and completed the game after not so long, could never get past the wasted space in the right corner of play field, seemed like a vey rushed incomplete effort, still fun to play and the AFM video mode is cool, got it more times in the game than in AFM itself.
7 years ago
Finally acquired one after wanting one for so long, A big Mark Ritchie fan.
It optimizes the very best of System 11 machines, should be rated higher than Taxi.
7 years ago
I have a love hate relationship with this machine, its the hardest next to WH20 to master, In all honestly I have never mastered, not even close.
Love the theme and layout, art work is very near the best, would be very difficult to part with, if I did I think I would simply want it back after a short time.
7 years ago
Very interesting game, although it feels a little incomplete it has so much going for it, personally love the theme and depending on set up can be brutal.
The slam ramp is one of the great shots in pinball and never fall short of being satisfying when made.
A new more extensive code would see this machine rocket to top ten status if done well, I have owned TZ, TAF, RS and WW, they re all gone NGG is staying.
7 years ago
Glad I own this machine, what a classic, perfect game play and balance of classic Williams humor.
Game is easy to understand and can be played in various ways depending on skill.
I will be buried in it :-)
8 years ago
A must have pin. Just plain fun.
9 years ago
Nice flow but needs something, a bit of a one trick pony.
9 years ago
A collectors benchmark.
9 years ago
The best license,One of the best to play, Has everything you want in a pinball.
10 years ago
Glad I brought it. An Iconic pinball.
10 years ago
I brought this machine needing a bit of an overhaul, once done played like a different machine, I guess it's the same with most but I suspect you could have a very different opinion of it if not everything works. Theme follows the movie well and LED's make a big impact on the lack of lighting on the upper playfield. Difficult to achieve wizard mode. Underrated.
10 years ago
Love this machine, it is the pinball I remember most when younger. I finally purchased one is great working order but small amount of usual playfield wear and cabinet fade.
Tough game to fully master the double cross - super jackpot - special lanes all hard to achieve.