Pinball Tournament of Death 2017 - Help Wanted!

Pinball Tournament of Death 2017 - Help Wanted!

By mrsomeone

May 04, 2017

3 months ago

So I'm in the infant stages of the fifth year of my crazy "hauntcade" and I must say... it's mind numbing to think of all that needs to happen to make it possible. What started as a haunted house with independent films has turned into a totally unique pinball experience that I feel needs to live on, regardless of the financial stress or difficulty of building.

So that's why I'm writing this story now. Hoping to find some other awesome horror loving pinball maniacs to jump in and take this years fest where it needs to go. I'm looking for actors, pinball machines, set designers, security people, and concession folk. On top of the all important sponsors, hosts, and lovely lovely companies wanting to attend and show off their goods.

The pitch is this... Imagine walking into a haunted house (in Denver, Colorado of course), where every room is styled after a pinball machine living within it. Actors are there to try and destract you from the real goal of getting high scores, and the vibe is fun, weird and occasionally super scary. Come out of the insane house alive and with the overall best scores and you will win some outrageous and fun stuff beyond your wildest imagination. Vintage video games, D&D Manuals, pinball toys and even cash have been prizes in the past, and this year promises even more!

Sound like something you would be into? Either as a helper or an attendee? Having a hard time believing I have actually done this in the past with any success? Well watch the video below for proof, and comment on this story so we can get in touch with each other!! Horrorhouse Fest 2017 promises to be the best yet, and with your help it will become a legendary event!!!

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3 months ago

Keep rockin' that Bloodshed Deathbath on out!
3 months ago
Going for it! Hoping to make this years house the best one yet, and of course having you there will help make that dream come true!!
3 months ago
We just locked in a venue that is beyond amazing for this coming fest too. Will be releasing those details at Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown.
3 months ago
This looks like some fun wishing I didn't live so far away!
3 months ago
Man everything about Colorado is so awesome. Super cool!
3 months ago
Looks like the result of a lot of legal weed and a French-kissing chihuahua.
3 months ago
You guys rock! Mad respect for combining crazy and pinball!
3 months ago
Dang, I wish I lived in Denver!!! I'm a horror novelist, so when I saw your post headline, I opened it instantly. I wish I could be part of it! That is crazy cool!
3 months ago
It's all happening in November! I wish you could all help as well. It's a super fun event, and by far one of the weirdest!
3 months ago
Even those out of town who are interested in the fest and like-minded should hit me up via message as I'd love to connect with like-minded pinballers!
85 days ago
If this gets going I will certainly find a way to pay my admission and check it out!
83 days ago
A know of a guy out here in AZ who loves his horror pins and has a hinden book case door to get to them, super cool
81 days ago
Hi! I'm from Denver and would love to plan a trip home to match up with this. Is there a date yet? (Sorry if it is posted and I missed it)
79 days ago
The date is about to be announced, but I can give the inside scoop and let you know it's not until November...

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