A lil' ditty about me...

By mrSATURN2012

June 19, 2012

8 years ago

Hi there all,

I really didn't get the "pinball bug" until last year, but I will say it's always been in the back of my mind as long as I can remember. My uncle went to an auction when I was a kid and bought several machines (most were broken sadly, but some backglasses were saved!). He got a working Hang Glider. For those who have no clue as to the game, it was designed by Jim Patla back in '76 for Bally. Old EM game, but I remember loving it. Unfortunately, my uncle gave it to one of my cousins; I had no clue he was giving it away!

So, I guess that it has always been a part of my childhood. Besides that game though, I don't recall playing any other games. It was raised in the time when arcades were dying out, sadly. Why play it out in public, when you can play it at home on a video game console?

Last year, my awesome fiance and I at the time went to a local pub where they have several games. Playing Addams Family and Monster Bash was excellent! It was like reigniting an old flame!

Since I am a newbie, I still suck. I am getting better; getting a replay on The Lord of the Rings was an awesome feeling.

I have no games, but I am actively looking for that great deal, which, in all honesty, will probably never happen!

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