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By MrSanRamon

April 13, 2012

10 years ago

I played pinball off and on in the 60's, but it wasn't until I started playing with friends that I sort of got hooked. The machine we did most of our playing on was a Fireball. I love that game, and play it when I go to the Pinball Museum in Alameda. Not sure that I would ever own that machine, but I do enjoy playing it again.

In the later 70's when I moved to the bay area, I used to go to Clement Street in SF with my friend from college and play pinball.

I bought my first game in about '93, a Williams Comet, in pretty good shape. Then I got a Fathom, BSD, DH, Earthshaker, JP, NBA Fastbreak, Hook, MNF, Stern IJ4, Getaway, Police Force...and many more. Cliffy loaned me his RFM for a while, until I made him come take it away. I've sold what I get tired of and now only have room for 5 machines. My wife has grandkids, and my challenge (or opportunity as it would be called at work) is to get them interested in Pinball. It's a challenge, but as you can see from the machines I have had; they were focused towards kids liking them. I even re-themed a Bally Night Rider into a "Whack That Mole" game.  The young kids really liked playing that when they visited.

The Grandkids played NBA FB the most until they got older then I sold it.  The other machine they played a lot was a sports related game too: Slugfest. Slugfest now sits at my wife's daughters house alongside a Silverball Mania...her kids play those 2 games a lot.

Now that most of the grandkids are older, they seldom come and visit, so now I just get what I want.  They still play the  "Whack That Mole" game when they come and the rest of the games are ones I like.

Some history about getting to use Pinside: My first exposure to any pinball group was via a web search and then I posted a question on RGP (Rec.Games.Pinball..which is remarkably still in operation), on 6-12-2004...I got a couple of answers to my question and through RGP I met Cliffy.  Then I found Pinside: and the rest is history.

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10 years ago

Welcome to the Pinside Mr. S... Cliffy is definitely one of the pillars of the pinball community and we are really happy he does what he does! I'm sure the grandkids can find something to enjoy, perhaps something newer like a TF, or IM, to possibly win them over. Better yet- take them to the next CAX or PPE and let them play everything! ; )

10 years ago

Welcome! wow that is some collection you have had, Comet is one of my all time favorites along with Black Hole and of coarse Star Race.

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