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3 months ago
Definitely one of the very best there is. You could say that based on the gameplay alone, but the artwork, callouts, and integration with the theme are all amazing.
7 months ago
Beautiful looking game, brutal and cruel to play. Rewards concentration and skillfull play more than any pin I've ever played. Still, it has some very tight shots, lot's of unusual shots, it's very hard to control the ball and the outlanes are greedy. Once you learn it a littie bit, best strategy is to knock down the row of drop targets on the lower right to get the extra ball that's behind them. Still, bring a lot of quarters. Fortunately the ball save is very generous (JUST KIDDING THERE IS NO BALL SAVE). All that said pulling off a good game is very satisfying and this is one of my favorite pins of all time.
7 months ago
Love it, it’s the perfect game for me. Brutal, tight shots, almost everything is a hurry up, extremely difficult game. Rule set is not “deep,” you don’t have read a book to follow how to play but there’s plenty to do. Will take me a long, long time to master it- so glad I picked this one to own. Clint’s callouts never get old. Wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t like getting your ass kicked or your kids or neighbors don’t either. But if you want a hard game that you won’t get bored of for years, this is the one.