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3 years ago
The game has the basic architecture to become a really great game. Code is a WIP but when it's done, I expect it will be as good or better than WOZ. The quality and construction is best in class and the attention and integration of the theme is outstanding. I admit the game has evolved during the last year based on feedback from Jersey Jacks customer base which speaks well to Jacks commitment to constant improvement. All the negative chatter is simply from individuals that have nothing better to do with their time. My advice is to play this game, enjoy it, it's only going to get better over time but to be honest it's already fun and has more going for it than many of the competitive pins in the market.
5 years ago
Best Star Trek to date. Fast, full range of difficulty, amazing artwork, outstanding cabinet and lighting. Did I say "fast".
6 years ago
I received my new WOZ LE today and was not disappointed. Jack came through as always and has built what I believe is the most solid pinball machine ever. The machine quality, graphics, construction, sound and lighting are amazing. The theme fits nicely among our pinball machines although the quality of this machine stands out even when placed next to other “A” titles. I set the machine up with a pretty steep slope and the game plays fast and while some of the shots are challenging, this will keep the game interesting as the code continues to progress. This game will continue to climb the top 100 list.
6 years ago
Truly gorgeous, extremely fast game with last-ability. I sold my LE and regretted it although I purchased a pro model and added back in all the features including optic lighting and this machine actually plays better and faster than my LE ever did. I think the lack of drop targets increased the ball speed although the drop targets on the LE are fun.
6 years ago
A must have for any collection.
6 years ago
Challenging game that never gets old. It's not the fastest game although the rule set is solid and shots can be challenging and at time frustrating. A real keeper.
6 years ago
I just sold my mint condition TOTAN. A lot of fun at first and some challenging shots but it becomes old and repetitive very fast. It's probably the most beautiful pinball machine ever made.
6 years ago
I highly recommend this game. It can become a little old and after selling it, I miss it. The game is an easy go-to game when you don't necessarily want a very deep rule set and simply want to make a lot of fun shots.
6 years ago
Stern's best game; it does not get old.
6 years ago
Good rules, fast gameplay but the call outs and music are repetitive and annoying.
6 years ago
Nice art, fast gameplay, great theme but it gets old. It's not MM or TZ.