A story of how I got started

By mr_rampage

May 05, 2023

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29 days ago

My story is pretty simple. I got into arcades and arcade machines back in 2015 and I didn't have the money, a car, or the ability to get machines. I like both arcade machines and pinball but my true love has always been pinball. I don't own any pinball machines yet but I have eyes out for a Ripley's Believe It or Not! table. So if your reading this and have a RBION laying around you want to sell let me know.

I think we can all agree that pinball prices have gotten way out of control even for used machines. I'd to buy some classic titles but I could literally pay 2/3 off of a Rolls Royce for the price of all of the tables I want. Last time I checked prices the rough total was around $210,000 which is stupid. It's frankly stupid how expensive some of the best titles are.

That hasn't deturred me from getting started despite the fact. The price isn't super important for the simple reason machines hold their value. But you do have to maintain the machines to maintain your value. People do tend to make the mistake of "I paid x for machine machine worth x" forgetting that time they spilled a drink on the lock down bar. The time their kid decided to carve their name into the side of the machine or any number of other things. Machines hold their value only as well as they are maintained.

I myself am a player quality sort of guy. I like a machine that isn't like a brand new car that I so much as sneeze in the same room as it and the value goes down. That said I don't like so played that if I look at it funny one of the legs are going to fall off either but there a fine line. I think people sometimes forget that machines are intended to be played and not just held like an investment.

[b]To close this out here is some thoughts on older machines I'd like to see remade:[/b]

The theme of Back to the Future is great. I'd to see a remake of BTTF with modern modes and graphics. The call outs are pretty good in the game but its obvious that the audio quality isn't very good and it doesn't age as well as I'd like but I do love the game. A modern updated version would be awesome.

The Addams Family is a great game, great call outs, but I feel like its a little over priced ultimately at the end of the day. Way too expensive for what it is. Objectively looking at the game a remake of that game would also be amazing and it's shocking that hasn't happened yet.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! is a fun ride to play or watch someone else play. One of those games where it has a lot going on but the gameplay is pretty straight forward without it holding your hand the whole time helping you get where your trying to go. I'm legit curious what the Atlantis mode is like never seen anyone get to that and when I own a table I'm going to make that my personal mission to legit get to that stage and see what the hype is about.

That's my thoughts so far, more articals will be up and running in the near future as I practice my grammar and writing skills. Thanks for reading and I look forward to the discussions that follow.

Mr_Rampage, Aka Ryan owner of the Ghost Quarter

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21 days ago

I don't disagree with you that Adams Family is crazy expensive, part of that has to do that the design, and the play-ability is fantastic, compared to other machines.

But if you look at Pinball Machines that have been re-made, as a "Near Exact Duplicate" Like Monster Jam, Cactus Canyon, Medieval Madness, Attack from Mars, etc... they all share something in common:
They all are titles with either no, or very little Intellectual Property Attachments. Monster Jam being the exception there, but again it's a single IP holder "Universal" that you have to deal with, all others are / were created by Bally/Williams and therefore it's easier to get their permission, pay a fee to the investors that bought the rights to the pinball piece when it got sold, and move on. Try that with IJPA, or Twilight Zone, Adams Family. All those have particular estates / copyrights attached to them and therefore are much less likely to be replicated. This doesn't mean it'll never happen, but it costs a LOT more to do so.

19 days ago

Nice story, I own both medieval madness and monster bash remakes and love them both. Unfortunately they were pricey.

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