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7 months ago
Great theme and artwork! Fantastic sound effects! Very fun and challenging game with the timed drop targets @ upper right that award the bonus hold over (Demon) and extra ball. Also a rare playfield special! Love the ringer too! One of the best classic Williams 80's pins and not that many made! Great collectors pin. One of only 3 System 9 production pins.
1 year ago
I love this game! Shots are not too tight. You do get some rattle up the inner left orbit even with the stiffener installed though. And the kick back is tight, but that's a good thing IMO. So you can have great games on it. Too easy is also not a concern. I think it's the right balance of difficulty and it's easy enough to understand the objectives. The game is just plain fun and even my wife (very casual player) enjoys it. I think it's under rated and it's hands down the best value out there for a NIB game. Also, when my league player friends come over the house, they enjoy it a great deal! The game rules are excellent. Six multi ball modes and extremely challenging to reach the final modes (I haven't yet). Fantastic RGB Lighting! American's build quality is solid and their customer service is awesome- the best I've seen yet! They even have a continuous presence on the forum thread!! Who else does this?
2 years ago
Awesome light show! Fast game play and short ball times, but super shallow rule set. I didn't keep it long, but it is a great theme and a classic Steve Ritchie game. Put super bright LED's and an OCD LED controller in it and it's beautiful.
3 years ago
After 18 months of ownership..
- One of the best if not the best upper playfields in pinball.
- Bullet proof playfield! Not a noticeable dimple after 18 months and over a thousand games! Best in the industry.
- Best sound system in pinball!
- Phenomenal art package!!
- Gorgeous hand drawn animations.
- A Real high quality back glass rather than a cheap translite! Beautiful!!
- Fantastic sound FX and songs are perfect for game!
- Alice call outs are good and varied!
- Modes are all very different and all good! Vampire is still my fav!
- Good light show. But I highly recommend lighted speakers/eyeball grills and 'Medisinyl Mods' RGB Crypt and Volcano and art blades!
- Awesome world under glass and easily the best haunted themed pinball of all time IMO!
- Theme integrations is great!
- Co-op mode is super fun and every game should have this!
- Spooky has great customer service!

- Shots are too tight for the average player. This is an advanced players machine PERIOD! I could never dial in the right orbit and ramp shots! After 18 months I gave up and sold it. But it is still in my top favorites of all time and collectors should grab this one!