Too much time to kill

By Mr_Freshie

December 29, 2013

6 years ago

in the famously oppresive municipality of Mesquite Texas, and all it's surrounding burgs.  Living in a trailer park within walking distance of a Circle K that had an F-14 Tomcat and an Exidy Cheyenne.  Played the Cheyenne mostly, but would bang away on the F-14 for a break.  Spent many an evening in there eating bad hot dogs, 'smokes wif cigarettes' and chilling with my older brother (see step, but he's my brother no doubt) and his friends.  As time passed, and we all got older and found things to bend our minds a little further than Camels did, and they were able to drive, we moved to a place called the One Stop Shoppe(yes fancy spelling) on Pioneer Drive, same town.  They had a Funhouse.  It was then I knew...

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