Stern Kiss Pinball Owners I Need Your Help.

Stern Kiss Pinball Owners I Need Your Help.

By mpamusement

June 27, 2017

89 days ago

I am working on a article for a Classic Rock website about Stern's Kiss pinball machine. I thought it would be a good idea to hear first hand testimonials from actual owners. It would be a few basic questions about your thoughts of the game for the article. If anyone is interested in helping with the article please contact me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you.

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88 days ago
Well, as a sometime occasional music journo and current Kiss LE owner, it'd be rude not to. Fire away!
88 days ago
Thank you for the help! Could you tell me why you went with the Kiss? What game features stand out to you that you really like on the game?
88 days ago
Drum sounds when the pop bumpers are activated by the ball.
86 days ago
I'm a huge fan and have both the new stern and classic bally
85 days ago
Feel free to message me. I have a Stern KISS Pro and the 79' Bally KISS in my collection. - Ben
84 days ago
I would be happy to help. I own both a Stern KISS LE and the 1979 Bally KISS pinball machines.
76 days ago
Lifelong fan of the real band and KISS LE owner at your service.
72 days ago
I have the new stern Kiss. My favorite thing is the open play field. It's the perfect mixture of old and new school. Too much on the play field creates ball stops and limits speed and fun. They knew this in the old days. Kiss is just enough, but not too much. Creates great replay value.
70 days ago
I'd be happy to comment. Put deposit down on announcement, their music is straight forward, but catchy. The machine gets a bad rap code wise, but if you understand it, it is deep enough. The art is great, the factory music is good, but I opted to swap mine. I own LE, the light show blows you away, and with the Stern topper its a keeper for me. Anything else you want send a pm.
69 days ago
I'd comment as well
66 days ago
I dont own the game but I have spent a lot of time on both machines. The original one takes you back to the 70s and the
artwork enhances the experience. The new one is like being at a Kiss concert. The better you play the louder the show gets.
But if you have seen Kiss play live the pinball takes you right back to the concert every time you hit the start button.
58 days ago
If you are still looking for owners I own both and am a die hard Kiss fan.
38 days ago
I bought it for a pinball bar that i operate. the bar owners insisted on kiss, and since i am a big fan decided to operate it. machine has held up pretty good, i usually do not purchase new pinballs, but worked out a deal where bar owner pays for half while i retain ownership of the piece. leasing through distributor
37 days ago
Hey Everybody,
Thanks again to everyone that helped or volunteered to help. The story went live on a website called Metal Insider. Below is a link. Please let us know what you think.

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