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1 year ago
This pin is tied with R&M for second place in my favorite games list, still losing out only to the great LOTR- another mega dream theme for me. I don't know if it can ever beat LOTR for me, but it has a chance of being a tie later in the code!

Halloween is my dream theme, I have loved 78' all my life, the top horror movie to me. My jaw hit the floor when they announced the title. And unique pin layouts are what I seek. I received #88 NIB and have been wiping the drool off of it ever since. I also have Ultraman along side it, I feel that keeps me from getting lost in the HWN theme and ensures I am rating this game/layout properly for what it is- pure genius. "Koris Barloff"- , tip of the hat to you sir and we pour out a drink for you!

When you are alone, in the dark, in the quiet, flipping this game, only then will you "get it". The subway delay is GREAT as you need to constantly be analyzing what your next move is and what shot you are about to go for, especially as some of the shot locations are continually moving on the GI. I rated the rules and animations lower as it is still in development- only to be truly fair, but I am 1000% confident at this point that I will be back to max those scores out. 1.02 code is shaping up NICE. I have provided pages of feedback on this game to the factory and encourage you to do the same. I really don't give a sh*t who is on code, as long as I love it! There is room for many great coders in this marketplace so they need to be given the same shot as anyone else. I also believe Charlie will step in if necessary and keep it on course by whatever means necessary. Spooky and We the players, all love the world of pinball and all want it be amazing, we watch with wide eyes. Spectacular mods are gearing up for release on this as well.

Ramps are smooth are easy to make which make the gameplay nice, but modes are rough and hard to accomplish. Mainly because once you miss something, the average player will probably not make it back to trying the same mode again without draining and starting over. But it is getting close to balancing out, crack another beer and just press start again while you wait! This is all part of development and determining the direction of whether it should be aim based or slap save/survival based. When you pave new layout roads with unique triple playfields, there are no instructions to copy.

Whether it would be your first pin or your 10th, this will hold its own in your collection and I truly think it will go down as one of the greats. It is not a slasher pin, it is a stalker pin, and that helps build the suspense and add to the gameplay. If you like the movie at all, you might as well call the bank about that equity loan, it's time to buy another pin!!
Don't forget to grab Halloween on Blu-ray as well for the complete experience :)
1 year ago
This game came out of nowhere for me. I thought it would be another Space Shuttle..boy was I wrong! I didn't know about the rocket or the moon, but I had heard whisperings of a 13 ball multiball! So I took possession of one from a friend and now it is not leaving! It has so much potential and I want to learn all the rules
1 year ago
Couldn't resist picking up this Haunted castle theme. I was very happy when I got to flip! All the sound effects and soundtrack are engaging and makes me want to play again and again. Even my coin door is Haunted as the lock works itself loose and the door would creeeeeeeak open lol. The shots are fun, lots of winding ramps everywhere. I even found a great topper for it. Highly reccomend if you aren't spoiled by new age pins
1 year ago
This game is very colorful, light show is amazing. Shots are fun and theme is cool and interesting. Triple playfields to keep things WAY interesting! Ramps are easy to make but goals still harder to achieve. This is a silly/campy/bright theme. Light show is fantastic. I love that a monster laughs at you everytime you drain in an outlane. I rated a few things lower while we wait for the code to be finished, but this looks to be a winner for sure
1 year ago
Loved it so much that I bought it. Amazing theme integration, sound, and art. Shots are not for the faint of heart and you need to be on your toes, game plays fast! Standard Edition with upgrades looks so much better than the purple so that's why I chose it over BSE.
2 years ago
My kids love this one the most out of all my pins. I translate that to "easy shooter" and "friendly theme". And you get to sink a freakin pirate ship!
2 years ago
This game brought me to pinball. Bolted to the floor for life!
2 years ago
So far I am having to do too much work to "fine tune" a $8k NIB prem. Hopefully it clears up and I can adjust my ratings.
-glass and sub rattles.
-right flipper was loose and became disoriented.
-lots of mods currently available. 2021.
Also the sound package must be upgraded to a pinside users mix for the best experience.

Not very user friendly to know what is happening or what shots to go for, I am new to pinballs with video. But the Chaos is still fun

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