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1 year ago
This pin confuses me. I do enjoy playing the game and I find myself coming back to it but when I think independently about each aspect there is nothing that stands out or feels overall impressive. Varied depth of shot is lacking and the art is relatively monotone. Theme integration isnt great and the implementation of the upside down feels like a wasted opportunity. The shots worth pts are kinda boring. The demogorgan is fun but the drop targets are super dangerous. Despite all of this I put quarters in it. Super head scratcher.
1 year ago
I love this movie and the pin almost feels like watching the movie. The theme is amazingly integrated and the toys feel extremely unique and perfectly on point with the theme. Fun factor is off the charts for me. Variation of shots is good though I felt a slight clunkiness. That is my only negative. Well...I'm off to sell a kidney or two so I can this pin.
1 year ago
This game is uber cool but the ringmaster gimmick wore thin fast. First time he popped up it was a blast. By the third time in the same game It felt super repetitive. Same problem I have with MM Casstle. It should be more difficult to get the RM up and then require defeating the other acts to fight him. Make him feel like a well earned reward not a jack in the box with a weak hinge. Game is beautiful though.
1 year ago
This game has grown on me and has really pushed me to focus on shot accuracy. I'm a casual player and this game punishes missed shots. There are too many airballs but simple mods can help with this. At the end of the day this is the game I continue to seek out and come back to.
2 years ago
I spent an afternoon at Free Gold Watch in SF playing a few highly rated classic games. Medieval Madness reminds me of Bride of Pinbot in the sense that it has one highly entertaining gimmick, but just one. Making the castle spires shake is satisfying but I grew bored quickly. I will not seek this game out in the future.
2 years ago
Full disclosure: This is my first pin and currently the only one I own. When my wife and I decided we wanted a pin we played many, new and old before falling in live with this pin.

With that out of the way I love how on theme this game is and the depth provided by the minor villian modes. The major villian modes are excellent and make the game feel like it has more shots than it does. The side lane drains are a bit excessive but perhaps my skill is mostly to blame.