Pin hooked

By moonraker

November 07, 2019

15 days ago

So as an arcade kid of the 80s. When I was able that is when I started into home machine ownership. I owned and worked on many arcades that were on my hit list. I played very few pins as a kid and never knew what was going on. Threw the arcade hobby I came across people who also had pins. Once it was explained to me the rules and objectives along with the world under glass I was hooked. Now I’m primarily pins and maybe an arcade sprinkled in. Started going to shows and making connections with local pin hobbists. Love the people and friendships I’ve made through the hobby so far. Enjoying it so much and excited for more titles and get togethers

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15 days ago
Pinbot was my first pin. Played and learned to mod and work on. Much more to learn!

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