From days of long ago.....

By Moomert1

November 29, 2018

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5 years ago

My story begins in a distant land known as 2008. You may find this boring....but here goes.  I actually started collecting arcade machines. I became fascinated when I learned about M.A.M.E. Naturally my first "arcade" machine was a MAME cabinet with 20,000 plus games. I remember thinking to myself..........this is all I need. 

However, I soon decided to purchase a real cabinet. My first "real" arcade cabinet was actually a candy cab. I believe it was a Jaleco Pony Mark IV. My first American cab was a Neo Geo 4 slot machine. Soon I was in heaven with collecting real cabinets and pcb games. 

You may recognize my user name from Youtube. When I first started collecting.....naturally I had questions and needed help when things broke down. Back then......the arcade community was very toxic. It seemed nobody wanted to lend any help. It was almost like they were saying... This is OUR are not welcomed!!!! So with that, I started to learn on my own. I uploaded videos to youtube showing off what I learned by myself through trial and error. The videos I did post used basic, simple tooling and non technical language. I'm not a pro or anything....there is still A LOT that I dont know. However people seemed to like my vids.

Why am I here now? Well, I still do collect arcade machines and games. However, I recently got my first NIB pinball machine. This is a Deadpool Premium. I have owned 2 pinball machines in the past. One was a..............well I can't remember. It was an older machine...maybe late 70's early 80's. It broke down a few months after I got it. Luckily I was able to sell it to someone who knew how to fix it. I sold it at a very minor loss. 

My second pinball machine was a Last Action Hero. Loved that machine. I bought it off ebay and it did have some issues. For example, the entire coin wires and mechs were gone. The game had to be set to free play. I held onto that machine for maybe 6 years. I never took care of it. I really didnt know how to do so. I didn't know that you have to keep maintance up on pinball machines. I sold that one a few years ago. I was able to get about $1600 for it if I remember correctly. 

Now.........I have a Dead Pool Premium. Love that machine. I'm already looking to get my next machine. Maybe a Ghostbusters or Monster Bash remake. Who knows...........

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4 years ago

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