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10 years ago
Kinda interesting on how the rating system works. A couple of my favorite games end up with lower ratings than other pins when truly answering the questions honestly.

While comparing the current code (1.16) I'd have to say it's one of Sterns best attempt in a long time to get a game out with enjoyable code.

Sparky and the hammer are awesome..i'm sure the timing issues with the hammer will be cleared up with future updates
10 years ago
As a HUGE ACDC fan I was super excited when this title was rumored /announced..but I kinda felt the game to be...ho-hum. Decent game...I think I'm starting to come around a bit on this one. The first games on the machine was more of a Meh thing. Having spent a little more time on it I'm starting to understand it a bit more.

The one problem I have with the game is the constant ACDC songs. It one thing for a pinball machine to have music playing throughout the game...for backround music. It kinda just blends in and you don't really hear it.. It's another when the music is actual songs you recognized and you here them OVER and OVER. Recently at a pinball get together I had to listen to 10 or so ACDC songs for about 6-8 hours. An ice pick in the ear would have been more enjoyable
11 years ago
I've got a good 200 games on an LE. This game is slowly becoming my favorite pin of all time...pushing my AFM and MB to the side. The shots are tight but very make-able. If you're not a good shot probably won't like this game at all. The code as it sits now (1.21) does need some bug fix but...I'd certainly take it the way it is.

This is probably the only game I own that I could care less about the theme. I never watched x-men...nor even knew the x-men characters before owning the pin. Stern has a real opportunity to crush the pinball world with the next code update. X-men is oozing with potential

Update after 1.24 code release. Finally the rules are starting to come together. Brotherhood and HellFire MB are so well done. The Spinning disc MB start is probably one of the coolest toys in pinball. The gap is pretty big between the Pro and LE stuff. The Spinning Disc and NightCrawlers really add to the fun factor. Rogue and the crazy fast moving NC mode is cool as hell
11 years ago
Played this guy for the first time in 2007 and left with the 'I don't get it' feel. Fast forward 5 years later and I went on a mission to find one...and see what all the hype is about. I have a tendency to grab machines that are well liked by the general pinball community...yet I can't seem to get into.

So I bought a SM and put another 30-40 games on it...still wasn't too impressed. It took about the 70 game mark before I really started understanding what was going on. Mode stacking, Multi-ball and furious. Just a brilliantly designed machine...what a treat to own

Other that the 3 drop target..I'm not sure how anyone can compare this game to AFM. AFM's target bank is the main 'toyshot''s almost an after though while playing SM. The fan layout is there...but used in a totally different manor compared to AFM.
11 years ago
Just one of them pins I never got into..
11 years ago
Admittedly I only have a few games on AC/DC...just can't getting into it. Hopefully I'll get some more time on one...and bump it up a bit
11 years ago
This is probably my favorite game to play in my collection. Yet somehow after getting through the rating system it end up as one of my 'worse' games in the collection...go figure!
11 years ago
Good game...killer theme. Not sure it justifies the cash these things pull. As with all hyped pins I don't like...for some reason I'm drawn to purchase them and really give the game\theme a work over. Spidey was my last game I did this with. Didn't get the I picked one up and put a bunch of games on it. My opinion changed on Spidey after about the 100th game when I really started getting 'it'

Edit: Extremely fun game. Voice callouts are so well done...artwork is exceptional.
11 years ago
Pretty amazing how these pinside rankings work. For example this isn't my favorite don't get me wrong I like the game...but after rating it honestly it seems it's one of my highest ranked games.

Probably my favorite theme of any pin...incredible art work...great humor. Most say it's too easy which I don't find is the case. It's nice walking up to a pin and knowing you have a chance of getting through the software
11 years ago
Probably my favorite pin of all time
11 years ago
Being an arcade collector guy first...I was super excited about this one. I played 10+ games at three different places across a couple months. All 3 times I left wondering why the game didn't click for me. I still don't know the exact answer other than I was just bored with it.

Update: Still nothing...I'm REALLY trying to like this game.

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