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4 years ago
I disabled the sound and music for my rating of this game. I did this because the factory sound is terrible, but it is easy to upgrade using @cleland sound package. This is a must if you are planning on owning the game. Other than that I think the layout is unique with great shots. The rules are deep and keep me pushing the button "one" more time. The only thing I find a little out of place is the geometry regarding the drop targets. I'm by no means a top pinball player, but I can hold my own against the casual player. The drop target shot and rules are difficult.
4 years ago
I first played Theatre of Magic on location and loved it even though I didn't know the rules all that well. When one came up for sale locally I bought it. The layout is great and I like the trunk, but the scoring is so out of wack it makes the game hard to play. There is little incentive to complete the modes. Shooting for the bonus X is most important and becomes boring. It lasted 5 months in my collection. It was a great game for my 7 year old as he could grasp the entire game.
6 years ago
I'm certainly not going to say anything that hasn't been said before. Very fun game. I wish the rules were a little different. All the big points come when you have multiball which gets a little old. It would be nice to have a mode where you could get big points with one ball (some sort of progressive mode). All in all it is a fun and fast pin that sits well next to a longer playing game.
6 years ago
This game is a lot of fun. I held back on giving it a 6/6 in the fun category because I have not played enough other games to compare it too. As many have said already, there is a lot to do with this pin. I have played it 30+ times now and I still am discovering new features. It is a little clunky, but I think that works with this game. I love the two different multi-ball areas and there really is a lot to shoot for, its not just shoot the garage (although it is a lot of that).
6 years ago
TMNT gives the player a few good locations to shot. You obviously have the two ramps that spell turtle, which are typically shot from the right flipper, but also offer standup targets for all four turtles. Once those targets (3 per turtle) are lit, the sewer will activate multiball, which in turn activates multiple jackpots. The game flows well, with a little to much emphasis on the left ramps. I believe it to be a very good game for the typical cost associated with it.

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