The Blue Room

By mof

November 14, 2012

11 years ago

#1 Nov, 2012: I fulfilled a lifelong dream by getting my first arcade game (always thought it would be Asteroids or Stargate), and it ended up being a pinball machine -- Diner.

I have decided that Mark Ritchie (design) and Chris Granner (music) are absolute geniuses.

#2 Dec, 2012: picked up a Whirlwind. The blue LEDs are mesmerizing in the dark.

#3 Feb, 2013: picked up an injured Grand Lizard to the family and nursed it back to life after 40-50 hours. I am hooked by the amazing flow in this game. Plays great !

#4 Feb, 2013: picked up a super clean Taxi. Got to reassemble the playfield from scratch. Fun project. Many clean details.

#5 Apr, 2013: picked up a Black Knight. Playfield needs loving to lower some inserts. Will be fun to learn how it's done. Lot's of little things needed.

I move into a new place that can hold more pins... If only I can throw away a ton of junk in the garage!

#6 Apr, 2013: picked up a Space Station. Can't wait to install green LEDs for GREEN MODE! Almost flawless body.

#7 May, 2013: picked up a Cyclone. Ramps are very good. Playfield Mylar has some weird marks in it. Decent body. Flipper return lanes were so worn. Some Cliffy flipper return guides make the game play really well.

#8 May, 2013: picked up a Space Shuttle. Looks to be in amazing condition. Blew a 7402 when I got it home. Replaced the 7402.

#9 July, 2013: picked up a Sorcerer! It's in fair condition, did a full shop job. Such a fun game.

#10 Sep, 2013: picked up a Barracora! It's in very good condition. PF is a 9. Such am interesting rule set. Has blown a socketed chip in the Rottendod mpu327 10x, must find the fix ! Breathtaking artwork. Good game.

#11 Oct, 2013: picked up a C-C-Centaur-R-R-R !!! It's in very good condition. Had no idea the inserts had such a great range of color. What a masterpiece.

#12 Jan, 2014: picked up a Black Hole ! It's in good condition. Playfield is dry and a little planked, but overall it's a good one.

#13 Mar, 2014: picked up an Embryon ! It's in decent condition. Playfield has a bit of wear in many places. Will be a nice long term project.

#14 Apr, 2014: picked up a High Speed. It's in fair condition. Playfield is worn, but I'll swap out a CPR in there. Cabinet and Backglass are good.

#15 May, 2014: picked up a Fathom! Has a Halifax PF freshly swapped on there. CPR BG. Body needs a restore.

#16 Oct, 2014: picked up a Seawitch! Everything needs an upgrade. I got it playing great though...

#17 Jan, 2015: can't pass up a good deal. Firepower with a CPR installed, and a Gorgar. Both pins are much better than expected.

#18 Mar, 2015: Nine Ball in rough condition. Needed an MPU installed.

#19 Sep, 2015: Defender! Arrives tomorrow.

#20 Sep. 2016: Cosmic Gunfight.

#21 May. 2017: Devil's Dare

#22 Oct, 2017: Mars Trek -- my first EM finally -- went haflsies with a friend on it

#23 June. 2017: Fireball II -- have a NOS PF going in it soon..

#24 Dec, 2017: Viking -- have two and get to frankenstein them

#25 Jan, 2018: Blackout -- single ball is great fun

#26: Dec, 2018: Pinbot.

#27: June, 2019: Space Odessey.

#28: March, 2020: Flight 2000.

#29: July, 2022: Flash

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11 years ago

Welcome to pinside and good luck with the gameroom!

11 years ago

Space does seem to be the limiting factor in our hobby
welcome aboard mof

11 years ago

Congrats on getting back into pinball. Nice pickup on the GL I hope to play one soon.

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