The Pinball Wizard

By Moeman65

January 13, 2017

3 years ago

I have been attracted to Pinball machines ever since I was tall enough to see over the rail and my arms were long enough to reach both flippers. Every where I went if there was one of these machines I immediately went over to it and deposited my nickel for 5 balls and lived the good life. Now days it costs a dollar or more for 3 balls. I remember back in 1960 when " DARTS" came out I played it for 12 hours straight for one nickel. I have that game today and will never part with it. Playing pinball machines keeps me young and takes me back to the good old days of yesteryear. It brings back memories of a better time in America. I am going on 70 now but when I am playing pinball I am 16 again back in the 60's when AMERICA was truly GREAT.

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