Lost Love from Paris

By moat-pin

July 27, 2020

14 days ago

I moved from Philadelphia suburbs to Paris, France as a  naive 12 year old, and for 4 years spent before school, lunch hours, and after school playing "flipper" (pinball) in Cafes for hours literally every day. I was pretty young to be in there, since those sections were borderline just bars,  but noone could tell since 90% of the people smoked cigarettes and it was all hazy (they would but your cig butt along side of glass while you played). I would order one coffe for 5 francs (a dollar), otherwise you couldnt play the machines, and then just zone in on AF, Indiana Jones, Whitewater, Fishtails, TZ, T2, and on and on...

Then somehow lost pinball for 25 years before finding it again in 2020 (first time I have had actual space to put a machine). Deadpool is machine #1 and now whole family loves it (shockingly). I freakin love it!

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8 days ago
Great to hear you've got pinball back in your life! Thanks for sharing.

France is where I got the pinball virus as well, somewhere between the late 80's and the early 90's. Pinball used to be extremely popular there. We used to go on holiday there when I was a kid. All the good camp sites had a 'salle de jeux' with some pinball machines. Great memories.

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