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By MNM13

November 10, 2020

6 months ago

I have only been playing pinball for a year. During covid though arcades are not open so we decided that an arcade at our home would be the way to go. Currently own 5 pins and have 1 on the way. 

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5 months ago

Within no time you will pack every available space you have with pinballs! Very addictive and fun hobby. 31 years of buying and selling under my belt here, the fun never ends!

5 months ago


5 months ago

Welcome! Since restoring my Heavy Metal Meltdown to working order, I can't get enough!

5 months ago

We have done exactly the same thing as you guys and started a short while ago, back in March! We were looking for some way to escape at home and actually got an original arcade first. Now on 5 pinballs and 2 arcades, we play everyday! We participated in our very first pinball tournament (a small thing due to covid) but had the best of time. Now starting to get under the hood of those pins, it's almost as fun! I'm lucky enough that my girlfriend loves this as much as I do! Keep at it!

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