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7 years ago
Underrated game. Punishing. Keeps you coming back for more. Game play is much like Iron Man. I would not have both in the same collection. I love both movies, I love both games, I love the technical aspect of what Iron Man means as a theme (I am an engineer), at the end of the day I think Avatar is a better game. If you are an Iron Man fan, try playing Avatar and see if you connect.
7 years ago
Had opportunity to own a very nice Shadow, as my first game getting back into pinball a few years ago. Spent a lot of time on it and never finished the Final Battle. Challenging and fun. High satisfaction when you complete combo's switching the furbas. Nothing like it in other games. Brian Eddy designed this game, he also designed Attack From Mars and Medieval Madness. I think the only reason this game isn't higher on the charts is the theme and tie to a movie with few fans. Forget about the movie, focus on the mystery and adventure of the character. If you can do that, you will really enjoy this game. High rating here for lastability. Play a nice one if you ever get the chance. Great game.
7 years ago
Had the opportunity to buy a restored Congo with clearcoated playfield. Love, love, love this game. I owned this early in my exposure to pinball and miss this game tremendously. I remember when the movie was released, all the marketing, the art plastered on cups at Taco Bell. The movie is not an all time favorite but I did enjoy it. The themes, music and vibe really immerse you into game play. There is something to be sound for sound and call outs with any game and I love them on Congo. If you own one, don't make my same mistake and sell it. You will regret it. If you own a restored Congo and find yourself reading this, please reach out to me because I would love to own one again.
7 years ago
A friend introduced me to this game early in my exposure to DMD games. It was a hit for me from the start and I spent two years looking for a nice one. I was a fan of the show but not a fanatic. I enjoy the game because it has an adult theme that few games have. I have a small line up of five games and this game gets a lot of play regardless of experience with playing pinball. Modes are easy to understand, and fun to play. I've made it to Under Boss and Boss numerous times. It never gets old. Great game!
7 years ago
Under rated game. Had the opportunity to own one and have enjoyed playing it. Timed Sniper Hurry Up is fun. The toy that swings out is cheesy but that is part of what I enjoy about the game. The helicopter and jet fighter toys are flat plastics assembled into a 3-D toy. Some people complain about this. I like the toys better because they ARE unique to the game. Not some toy anyone can just pick up at Toys-R-Us. I like the variety of shots, I like the toys, I like the modes, I love the multi-balls and I love the adrenaline rush. Don't listen to those that give this game a bad wrap. Great game. Sold to a friend. Excited we can still play the game whenever we want.
7 years ago
Under rated game. When one came up for sale locally I jumped on it. Enjoyed the game and sold to a friend when we needed room. Some call it the poor mans Medieval Madness. I agree. AP gets a lot of play at my friends house. Don't listen to the people giving it a bad wrap. Spend some time on the game.

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