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3 months ago
I know people absolutely love this game, but I just could not get into it. The house shots, along the crypt and coffin ones are fun and challenging, but the Elvira constant scene cut-ins are beyond annoying and so is her regular commentary / bad jokes. Like I said, some people absolutely love that part of the game, but not for me.

As an overall pinball, it has a good balance of difficulty and being approachable but not impossible. The theme integration is spot on (especially if you love Elvira), toys and mech are cool. Sound and music drove me nuts.
3 months ago
AIQ is a very hard game (coming from a normal, not a rock star player). I enjoyed the scope of the game and what you had to try and accomplish, but I started to lose interest when it just became so difficult to advance and get any further in the game. I think the most gems I ever earned was 2. Toys and shots were cool and I enjoyed the spinner with the secret pop up. Cool game, but if you are a beginner, I would think twice.
3 months ago
Munster's Premium B&W is beautiful to look at, but unfortunately it gets old very quickly. The shots were kind of cheesy and it did not feel like there was a ton of variety. Layer this in with the fact that some of the callouts get annoying as well and this led to the Munster's quickly moving on from my overall line-up. If you have a huge collection and the money, it is awesome to look at and the B&W artwork is truly awesome, but beyond that, it is a pass.
3 months ago
CCR LE Remake did not last very long in my line up. I felt like it was almost too easy at times (and I am not a great player by any means). There is definitely Chicago Gaming lovers out there, but I realized that I am just not one of them. The theme integration was great and it was definitely a family friendly game, but in retrospect, that is one that I wish I would not have boughten. The various scenes and show downs start to get old quickly and for the money, there are other games I would of rather spent my money on.
3 months ago
Yes this game can be hard and frustrating at times, but the theming, toys, music, playfield layout, etc. all are amazing. I get a smile on my face every time that ball goes down the subway and into the ghost trap. Hitting Slimer is always fun and it feels like there are so many different shots you can take.

The Scoleri brother pop ups can be frustrating at times (especially if they do not knock down on the first hit) and the extra wide flipper gap can hurt ya, but there are fixes for both. The music and callouts make you feel like you are watching the move - Love this game!
3 months ago
I will start by saying that JAWS has always been a dream theme for me as I would consider myself a super fan. In addition, the theme of sharks in general is a huge passion of mine. I have dove with sharks on many occasions and have a fascination with them.

Therefore, to be able to own and play a JAWS shark themed pinball anytime I want is like merging my two favorite items into one. I absolutely LOVE the foil art on the LEs along with the mirrored traditional movie posted back glass - classic and timeless!

All of the movie clips and callouts are so awesome to see in the game and I am sure as coding evolves, they will become even more integrated and seamless. The shot layouts are challenging and engaging. Upper playfield is difficult to get up there, but I still would not change it for anything close to the Pro version.

We can all debate about pricing and value of games in today's market, but for the actual playability, look and sounds of the game, this is a top pick for my collection!
4 months ago
A lot of people dog on this game, but I personally really enjoy the fan layout and the fact that the rules are easily understood. The ability to keep building your level is helpful for us non-superstar players. It has a good amount of toys and diverters, which keeps the game interesting and the ball lock mechanisms keep the speed up on this game.
10 months ago
Love this game and continues to be one of my go to games that I gravitate to. Love the theme and the way the code has evolved.
1 year ago
Played about 20 games in of TS4 LE on site and I was surprised how much fun I had. I originally had a pre-order for one on release day and then decided not to go forward based on TS4 theme and lack of toys for price. After playing on site, I was pleasantly pleased with game play, artwork, awesome animations etc. will plan to purchase one at some point.
2 years ago
By far my favorite game out of my collection. LOVE the shots and how everything flows! The toys are unreal on the premium and incredible of how they continue to innovate.
3 years ago
Love this game. The music just energizes you as you are playing!
3 years ago
I just keep coming back to this game over and over - love the variety of shots and all the hidden areas to shoot!

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