Aces high IronMaiden tribute

Aces high IronMaiden tribute

By Mitch_aces_high

May 27, 2018

83 days ago

Hi, new here not sure weather I've put this post in the right spot this is my Iron Maiden aces high tribute it has a 6ft wing span, it will look like it has smashed threw the wall. It will have flashing machine guns and spinning propeller with flickering leds in  exaust pipes with smoke and sound affects it will also have Bluetooth to play music. 

This is fully 3d printed and the stl file is available for a reasonable price. ☺

Story photos

Screenshot_2018-01-01-16-13-28 (resized).jpg
1515804131195 (resized).jpg
DSC_0473 (resized).JPG


79 days ago
this looks like it would be a cool topper could you make it the same witdh as the pinball
75 days ago
Yea it could be shrunk down in size and used as topper I currently have 4 pinball machines guns and roses, star trek next generation, twilight zone and addams family sadly no ironmaiden pinball yet
57 days ago
Nice! Fly to live, live to fly....
14 days ago
Hey Guys! I designed the 3D file for this! If you have any questions or are looking for a 3D file for print, you can contact me at, or check out my site at Thanks!

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