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2 years ago
Picked up a dirty harry last week.
I love every aspect of the game .
Very challenging. Beutiful layout .great callouts.
DH will stay in my collection.
3 years ago
Love the pinbot.. finally have one in my collection...
3 years ago
Have played,sevral times.. just picked one up for restore .. classic game...
3 years ago
Just picked one up.. after a,good cleaning and some replacement parts ect.. fast and fun...
3 years ago
Classic backglass.. fun quick gameplay.. just the lights octets can be a bitch.. I play mine nightly ...
3 years ago
Killer game.. after a good waxing and a few light changes this game is addicting for a late 70s classic.
3 years ago
I love mine.. classic for the year . Did some flipper work and its quick game...