Bally Lost World-Solenoid/Light Issues

By Millennial-Pin

May 29, 2020

42 days ago

Grettings All,

Longtime reader firstime poster. During COVID I undertook the process of refreshing my Alien Star and Lost World (1978) machines. Alien Star went fine new lights rubbers, pop bumper and wax. When I dug into the Lost World I encountered a number of unfortunate hacks in the backbox, the game ran 90% fine as-was but it seems that someone over the years had made numerous adjustments to the AS-2518 Transformer board, before pictures below.

I decided that it would be a fun project to roll back these hacks, re-pin the molex and insert new fuses. When all said and done I checked my transformer board TPs and everything was within acceptable rage. However, now my solenoid board will not power up and playfield lights (only scoring lights) will also not power up.

Any pointers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am new to pinball wiring but capable. I have also attached a wiring diagram that I found useful in checkig my work on the burned out connectors.

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