How I got into pinball

By MikeTangoIndia

January 27, 2014

8 years ago

Well I have always been into video games since I was a kid. I spent some time at the arcade when I was younger but never played the pinball machines. I remember always looking at them and was always intimidated by the complexity of them so I just stayed away from them. Now that I am all "grown up" I really like to tinker with machines of any kind, build models and fly RC occasionally. So naturally my love for video games and tinkering with machines have come together I guess. I have always loved the beauty of pinball machines and all the lights and sounds that they produce. Totally different experience than a traditional video game. Its a very hands on experience which I LOVE. I never thought of actually owning my own pinball game until I moved to Las Vegas and went to the Pinball Hall Of Fame for the first time.....I was hooked!!! I started searching craigslist hi and low 24/7 it seemed for my first pinball machine. I knew I wanted a modern machine (DMD) to start with. I also knew that I really liked most Williams games so that narrowed it down alot. I searched around and watched countless videos and reviews on youtube and decided that Roadshow would be a good first pinball. I found one locally here in Vegas and I love it!. I will be buying more for sure!!! hahaha

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