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10 months ago
Great pinball ....i played marbles as a kid. So cool theme to me...its fun to try and try to get more targets to score more marbles...wish the middle had something anything....but love the art work and fun to play .....single player easy to keep working after 50 years
1 year ago
Fun game new to my collection but great to play ...not a fan on were the 3rd flippers is but makes the game hard at times
1 year ago
Great game fun and fast..i like that...every time i play it i have to try my best to win a free credit or i don't turn it off till i do...the only thing i don't like is the GUY one the back glass..
Why that ehy not a cool universe pic.....i know the two player ver looks good but not this guy in his tights..lol
1 year ago
Fun game to play! Using the 3rd flipper is fun "if used right" to score M.A.R.S. targets .the only trouble i have is the cabinet material sucks ...i needed to glue the sides to stop them from falling apart...all in all i do like playing it alot....
2 years ago
The game is nice to play ....
Fun but i wish it had flip down target's
It has hit piont that are nice to go for and a
Roll over hit ball that fun to get.....
I wish the back glass had more lighting in it...
But very nice art work........
2 years ago
I just keeping playing too better my score ...great game when with friends the two player mode is some much fun....