Table Tennis ( by Midway's USA )

By Midways

September 18, 2018

7 months ago

Made by craftsmen ... a game from the 1970 's

No balls, no flippers, not even as a real 'flipperkast' ( dutch ) standing on the floor.

It hangs on the wall: and the game is about: Table Tennis. But all techniques are the same as a genuine pinball-game. It is noisy ( Yess ) It rattles and hums like a beast. Paddle and the 'beast' will confirm with a harsh: "tok" ... magical.

So even without balls and flippers, maybe a strange sort on this site: Midway's Table Tennis. ( this a project in working process: view: )

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7 months ago
I had one of these for a long time. Worked great. The one remote had to be hard wired as the parts to fix the wireless controller could not be found. Also had the darts one. The Table Tennis was the better of the two as it was constant action.
6 months ago
Why thank You for comment: unlockpinball,

Indeed, the Table Tennis game gives nice responds: 4 times return makes the motors spin faster and the returns get to get more difficult.
Further more, the game is without balls nor flippers. It's a 2 person game ... made to hang on the wall.

I'm still trying to get the game working 100 % (lights on paddle too soon/too late) react inconsistant with te game ... rest is workin' fine.
Parts on the wireless controller not to be found? hmm, this was one of the easy-ones. Ok, apart from the toroids.

Anyway, I'll keep everybody informed about the technical problem on the paddle too soon / too late inconsistancy.

Grtz Midway's
5 months ago
Hi I'm looking for some spare parts for my darts machine ..
1 x score motor
1 x remote box
5 months ago
I do not have an extra score motor but I do have quite a few extra remote boxes.... got a pic of the one you need so I can see if I've got one to match?

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