I remember when I was a kid in the 80's

By Micahdell

March 05, 2020

32 days ago

Back in the 80's when I was a kid growing up in North Chicago IL., the summers where hot and so was the arcade. Back then a lot of boys had paper routes as did I. I would save up most of the money I made to spend at the arcade and/or movie theater. Back when I was a kid most kids couldn't wait to get home from school and go outside to play and ride bikes until the dawn started to creep up on you and your mom was shouting for you to get inside its getting dark! Every chance I got, me and my best friend Chris would ride our bikes to either the arcade on Sheridan Rd or up to Lakehurst Mall where the infamous Aladdin’s Castle took up residence. My friend Chris mostly like to play video games and I would play a few rounds with him, but I would always end up being drawn in to the thrill of that shine silverball in no time! I loved the challenge that pinball possessed. Back in the 80"s there were arcades everywhere. Most video games/pinball machines were designed to take as many quarters as possible from who ever was at the helm. The arcade operators would jack up the back legs of a pinball machine as to make the games play ever faster than intended. As a kid with limited funds when you had a hot ball in play you had to ride out that ball as long as possible, if you had any chance to leave your mark on the machine (MGK). It was always a trill to head back to the arcade a week or two later and see your initials still up on that high score board. At least until it got bumped off by the next sucker pumping quarters into the machine like a mad man trying to over take your short lived silverball fame. In the 80's as a kid is when my life long love affair with pinball started. I was lucky enough to marry a lady whom also loves pinball. We finally got our first pinball machine in early 2019. Someday we hope to have a collection of at least 4 -5 machines.

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