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December 2016 scores

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Jurassic Park 1,185,141,260 2016-12-05 home 3 The 6.0 Chad Update #13
“Craziest game ever! I've actually done better than this score but it was my best game on this machine. I made every ball count, I earned 3-4 extra balls, and I actually learned something new on this machine (that everyone reading this probably already knows....) but if you get one of the CHAOS letters in the first Tri-Ball, you don't need to get those letters again on the next Tri-Ball. I never knew this, so I got Tri-Ball 3 times, which is the most I've ever done, and I only had one CHAOS letter to get (C) and I had no idea. I drained a ball early, and a 2nd one was starting to go out the outlane before I realized I only needed one letter, and I had the ball resting on the right flipper, so I just checked it into the C and I got Chaos. I had already used my missile (I usually use it on CHAOS.... this time I used it when I had 3 high-point missions activated) so I had to get the CHAOS on 6-ball mode, which I did, and got the T-Rex jackpot with 2 balls left! WOO! I also achieved ”

August 2016 scores

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Jurassic Park 1,499,111,260 2016-08-10 home 3 6.0 #8
“It all basically happened on my 2nd ball. I got the multiball and I usually get the jackpot and hit the missile right away. This time I got the jackpot and tried to get CHAOS first.... and it WORKED! Stampede turns on and I tried my best to get CHAOS again. I thought I was one ball away but many were about to drain so I hit the missile anyway. Low and behold I had already got Chaos and I activated the jackpot! I went to 1.4 billion immediately! Super excited, lost the remaining balls but didn't care. I won an extra ball, so I still had 2 balls to go. I was also almost at system failure, so I expected a 1.6 billion game at the very least. Nope. Instead I lost both the extra and 3rd balls right down the middle, ending my score at 1.499..... lol. Still, it was my best game to date.”

July 2016 scores

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Jurassic Park 799,848,220 2016-07-18 home 3 6.0 #27
“All happened on the 2nd ball. Tri-Ball, Jackpot, 6-ball Chaos and I scored a jackpot twice with 3 and 2 balls I believe.”
Jurassic Park 538,100,350 2016-07-13 home 3 6.0 #52