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MEuRaH has written 26 rating comments:

3 months ago
I purchased this game NIB. Played it about 40-50 times.

The Good:
-- Theme integration is top notch
-- Shaker motor integration. I love how it's integrated with the pop
-- Pop bumper instead of the left sling is the best thing ever!
-- Rules are complex without being too confusing
-- Scoring is uniform. There's not one thing that's overly valuable vs anything else
-- Shots are fun and thrilling when you hit them. There's nothing like ripping the spinner and then hitting the garage shot!
-- Lighting is tremendous. No pinstadium or enhancements needed with this pin
-- Video clips in the game and in attract mode are entertaining
-- Great use of the upper flipper. Tons of great shots to hit
-- Fast gameplay. It'll keep you on your toes
-- Excellent multiball rules, and I love how you can stack with modes
-- Did I mention that pop bumper is where the left sling should be!? Tremendous!
-- The artwork is phenomenal
-- Rick harasses you all game long. It's funny and keeps the game lively
-- The music is catchy
-- The magnasave can be forgotten, but if you remember it exists it can be valuable and fun.
-- DIMENSIONS! I love touring to new places, watching the lighting change, sometimes music too, and collecting megaseeds!
-- You will keep hitting the start button again and again.
-- Interactive topper that is actually useful. When the portal is lit, the topper spins and lights. I see it when I play and it's a great way for me to know that the portal is ready.
-- Ability to access the portal from the upper flipper AND the right orbit is a great idea. The portal is so much fun to hit

The Bad:
-- Needs more modes. There are seven right now and I know more are on the way. I'll update this when more are added. Right now, far too few.
-- The code is incomplete. I've had some amazing games, but the code killed my game and restarted it at least twice. Very disappointing.
-- No Wizard mode. Again, this will change, but for now that's a negative.
-- The launch rail is odd. I have to keep tweaking it. Sometimes the ball launches too far, and sometimes not at all. It needs to be modified by the buyer. It's flimsy and I don't like it.
-- The inner loop shot needs adjusting. I already adjusted it twice. Getting annoying.
-- Ditto that for the garage shot. When you make it you feel great. When you hit the shot but the ball just kind of sits there, it's deflating.

EDIT: I originally had "too much bass" as a negative, but I've figured out how to fix it. There is an amplifier in the cabinet, and if you fiddle with ALL of the knobs, you'll eventually figure out what each one does and you'll be able to adjust the sound properly. The knobs are too close to the cabinet to be able to read them, I guess that's a negative as well.


This might be the most fun game I've ever played. It's fast, fun, hilarious, challenging, etc. I started a mode, advanced it a few times, hit a dimension, watched the colors and music change, collected megaseeds, hit a meeseeks, started a multiball, and then started another multiball all in one turn. This game is just flat out fun. I keep hitting the start button and I never want to leave.

I like it better than most sterns. I love JP2 (LOVE IT) but I really don't want to hit the start button unless I have a good 30 minutes free. It seems like any Stern I play, the games always last forever. That's awesome in some regard, but that shouldn't happen in every game I play. R&M is not like that. I'll have several 4-5 minute games and get frustrated. But then I'll dominate one time in about 10 tries and I'll get such a rush doing it. Those are my favorite games to play.

All of the "bad" things can be adjusted or updated. It's seriously difficult to find negatives about this game. And to top it all off, the customer service is top notch.

I am bolting this to the floor!
7 months ago
I first played this game with my wife when Bowen asked us to play with him at Pintastic. We loved the game so much that we had to add it to our wish list immediately. It took almost a year, but we purchased this game NIB just a week ago.

The Good:
-- Amazing sounds. I love the creepy noises and the screaming/moaning during certain shots. The gunshots and insects and all of the sound effects are probably the best in any game I've ever played.
-- Alice Cooper's music is intertwined perfectly.
-- FRANKENSTEIN! He pops out of the back of the game when you lock the second ball. The music and sound effects with it are AWESOME! One of my favorites in any game all time.
-- Nice variety of modes. I maintain that you need at least 8 randomized modes in order to make the game playable over the long run, and this game has 9 plus MDB.
-- Great multiball modes.
-- Great upper playfield. I love hitting that guillotine shot, but there's so much to do up there too (lock a ball, target, extra ball, and 3 passages).
-- The artwork is top notch. Some of the best I've ever seen.

The Bad:
-- The colors are great and the RGB lights are fantastic, but the GI isn't bright enough. I have to use a pinstadium to light it up perfectly. Spooky routinely doesn't incorporate good lighting on their playfields. R&M will be a game-changer though.
-- The shots are tight. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if you're trying to play a good game and you keep bricking a shot at really no fault of your own, it gets annoying. It's similar to Houdini with slightly less aggravation.
-- It could use some side-missions. You have your modes and multiballs, but I feel like it's really missing that extra element. It has rooms but the rooms don't do anything. If they had a special shot per room that you could do something as you walk your way to the next monster, that would help raise this game to a new level. (EDIT: Rooms now give you perks, so that's good, but could really use some side missions or whatever you wanna call it)
-- Alice Cooper's voice doesn't seem to fit the game properly. You can tell he's talking into a microphone, and I can visually see it every time he says something. Kind of distracting at times. It's high quality though. Sounds like he's right there with you.


If the shots were not as tight, the code was a little deeper, and the GI a little brighter, I think this would be one of the best pins ever made. It misses the mark to be considered best of the best, but it holds it's own quite well. I love the game and hope to keep it in my collection for a long time.
1 year ago
I love this game. For a game that's made almost 40 years ago, this one has great rules and appeal. There's almost always something to shoot for and hit. The one thing I hate is that when you sink the 8 ball to complete the set, you are forced to hit the standups again to set the drops back up You'd be better off aiming for the left orbit, which makes this a one-flipper game at that point, especially on ball 3. No complaints otherwise, fun game!
1 year ago
I enjoy the game just fine if I go into it as a "game so bad it's good" kind of feeling. It's fun in a party setting. If I'm playing solo, I'd rather not play it at all.
1 year ago

-- It's lit up well.
-- The rules are nice.
-- Sounds great!


-- The cabinet doesn't do it for me. Backglass neither.
-- Some of the shots are too tight, specifically the right orbit.
-- I played with 20 other people for 8 hours, and not one person made the left-side upper flipper shot.
-- What are the toys on a pro? The car thing that switches back and forth? It's not even a JP car...
-- The game feels too repetitive. Shots and strategy are too similar each ball. Start multiball shot is in a weird spot.


I really wanted to love this game. I played it in Pinburgh and came away impressed but not overly delighted. I then played the game for a much longer time in Montreal and found myself having more fun playing other games. It just didn't pull me in.

I think Iron Maiden is over-rated. I like the rules, music, sounds, and graphics. I feel the same way about JP. They took too many things from the only JP game (CHAOS, bunker, etc) but made it worse. Why do all the lights turn off when my ball is in play!? I know it's for a cool effect but I can't see the ball and if you drain when this happens, you start resenting the game.

I will never own one and I'd be perfectly happy if I never played it again.
1 year ago
This is a crazy fun game. It doesn't look it and I think that's part of the reason it scares people away. The skillshot is the hardest one I know of, and when you hit it, it feels like a true accomplishment. That combined with the upper-flipper lock shot is a thing of beauty... when it happens.

The music is awesome, as that goes for most Gottliebs. It varies during gameplay and never gets boring. I love how it quiets itself down between plunges, why don't more games do this? I also love the sound effects on the spinners, WOW! Probably the best spinner to hit in any game that I know (or tied with ACDC at least).

The flashers work well with gameplay. Hitting good shots is extra fun because of this. One small gripe I have is GI, I wish it was brighter.

The rules are mostly perfect. I don't understand the reasoning behind making the pop bumper jackpot so random and yet so valuable. I guess the better player will be able to keep the ball alive longer and therefore have a better shot at the jackpot, but still, it's too random for me. Everything else is perfect though. Drops, multiball, reracks, lit spinners, loops, top lanes, multipliers.... so much to do!

One knock, and I don't know if it is a knock, is the artwork. It's purposely cheesy. The backglass is horrid and so is the cabinet, but that's done on purpose. Cheese builds on cheese, and I love it. It's the perfect 80s game.

That said, I think the playfield could have been better. The middle area is such a waste and is for decoration only. I get that it's supposed to be a mirrored pool table, as shown in the backglass and seen on the side of the cabinet, but it just doesn't do it for me. It's a valiant effort, but misses the mark.

Lastly, this is a FAST PACED GAME. You better be able to react quickly. The center post will save you from SDTM drains, but everything else is up to you. It's hard to brick a shot, which is a good thing, but ball control is a whole other issue. You gotta be accurate and quick in order to succeed on this one. It'll keep you coming back for more.

All in all, this is a great game at such an amazing price. I'd rather play/own this game than most of what comes out on the market these days. I'm very shocked at how awesome it is. I purchased it at Pintastic, and then played it a few times thinking it was just an average game. When I was able to bring it back and play without disruption and so I could actually hear the thing, that made a world of difference.

The rating on this game is flawed btw. The "artwork" rating will be low, but that's also part of the beauty of the game: BAD ARTWORK. It's so bad, it's good!
1 year ago
I love BK1 and I'm pretty content with BK2. With several years to think about it, with new and advanced technology and all the possibilities, I really expected BK3 to be out of this world. I only watch the trailer videos and never read a single review so that I wasn't influenced one way or another.

The game looks AMAZING! The backglass, the graphics, the lighting.... A+.

Sound? Another A+. Voices are clear and crisp, music is powerful.

The knight is one of the best toys ever created. His eyes light up when he talks? He verbally harasses you all game? Awesome.

The layout has a lot left to be desired. The knight is right up close to the flippers. Even when you hit what you're supposed to hit, the ball goes right down the middle. That happened to me three times. I then just backhanded everything rather easily and started the modes & multiballs with ease.

Munsters, by comparison, has so much room inside the machine. Heck, nearly every other machine made lately has that. BK3 makes you feel like you're playing on less than half a playfield. I hate that feeling.

The modes are fantastic. Some of my favorite modes in any game. The animation, lighting, and sounds all go perfectly together. They are varying and fun to play. The multiballs are fun too. When you advance the game far enough, it turns into a mixture of BK1 & BK2 with the sounds and graphics. I LOVED THAT SO MUCH! Made me nostalgic.

Also happy with the magnasave feature. I'm glad it's back.

Overall, fun game. However I think it could have been so much better. Push the knight back another 4-6 inches. Give the user some space on the playfield to work with. The shots would also be a tad tougher. The also feels dimensional. No depth, no height. Hard to explain, really. Kind of like how TNA is put together. This is uncharacteristic with other BK titles. That was disheartening after a while.

It slightly missed the mark of excellence for me. It under-achieved my expectations, but it's still a fun game and I'll be happy to play it again for a few months at least.
1 year ago
After only playing this game online and seeing pictures of it for years, my wife and I finally bought the SE version. We've had it a few weeks.

-- Tons of fun toys. Drac. Franky. I even love shaking the machine when creature is lit up just to watch him bounce around.
-- The RBG lighting is absolutely insane. I can't believe how great it is. Each monster gets their own color, and the entire machine turns green, blue, red, etc when a monster is hit or the monster mode starts up. It's an amazing effect that I can't recall from any other machine.
-- No tight shots. The spinner is super fun to hit.
-- Love all the modes and multiballs.
-- Anyone can play and have fun with it. Rookies love the game for its simplicity, vets love the game for the complexity of finishing the modes.

-- I gave the game rules/scoring logic a 4 out of 6. It's only an opinion, but if you don't start multiball during league play, then you're going to lose. It's kind of unbalanced compared to other games in that regard. This is just my own personal preference.
-- While the RGB lighting is amazing, the colored lighting isn't enough to light the entire playfield. CE versions have white lighting, so the playfield is lit up pretty well. SE & LE versions need extra support imo. I use pinstadium. It's fine now but that's an extra expense I'd rather have not made.


Overall, it's obviously a great game. One of the best of all time, and the remake is even better than the original in my opinion. I'm so happy that CGC is remaking some of the classics so regular shmucks like me can finally own & play it.
1 year ago
When I first played this game, I fell in love with it. I loved hitting the ramp and watching the shuttle do it's thing via lights. As I played it over time, I grew to hate it for so many reasons.

The Good:
-- I think the multiball mode is cool. When you start multiball, it's a great feeling. I love the "3...2...1... liftoff!"
-- The safety fence on the right outlane, and the fact that you can re-activate it via the drop targets.
-- I love the drop targets / spinner. It's my favorite thing to aim for in the game... BUT...

The Bad:
-- The fact that the drops/spinner are my favorite things to aim for, despite the fact that there's this COOL spaceship on a ramp that I'm avoiding, tells you something. I like hitting the ramp and all but it's so boring. SO BORING! Sure, points are there, but that's all you gotta do.
-- Too often my ball jumps over the safety pop-up saucer thing. I hate that. Once is too much.
-- The whole point of this machine is multiball. Lock a ball on the left, lock a ball on the right, ramp. That's almost the entire playfield. Yes, spinner/drops, and yes I can spell "shuttle" to win a prize... a prize that is randomized and also has it's own place on the playfield. Not very creative with the space imo.
-- The lighting stinks.

There's too much to mention. I played it for several months. I'm glad it's gone.
2 years ago
I found out I was going to a tournament and this game was going to be there having only been opened 3 days prior, so essentially brand new. I WAS STOKED! I've been reading about it and watching videos preparing for the very day I found myself in front of one.
I drove 3 hours and all I could do was talk to my car companions about how awesome this game was going to be. When I got there, I got to play it almost right away.

-- Super awesome sound and light. The best in the business for sound.
-- Easy to follow rules and shots. I was never lost, even on game 1.
-- The co-op mode is awesome. I love this feature and got to see it played. This is the best feature in the game. It's going to improve its lastability. Having a common goal keeps the game interesting.

-- Too repetitive. In my ball one I destroyed a reactor. I asked the guy who was helping me with rules "what do I do now" and he said "do it again". I was cradling the ball and asked "what else can I do?". His response: "that's pretty much it". I was disappointed. This is a HUGE con, as I didn't really care to play my 2nd ball. I finished the game and walked away, even after being offered to play again. Talk about disappointment. I started a 2nd game about an hour later with a friend. I walked away ball 2... I just didn't care for it.

It's only 1 con, but it's the only one I needed. I hate to say it...... but I hated the game. I hit all the skill shots, I killed a reactor, I started several multiballs..... I did all this in just 4 balls (2 games). I had no desire to return to it. I'm rather upset as I was looking forward to playing it for MONTHS......... I feel terrible saying it, but I couldn't care less if I never played it again.

EDIT: A TNA now resides at a place near where I live, so I've had the opportunity to play it several more times. I love the lights, I love love LOVE the sounds & music.... I hate the repetitiveness... HOWEVER... it has this awesome co-op mode. That's some of the best fun you'll have in pinball. That alone made me want to play it again and again. Ratings bump as a result.
2 years ago
I played this game in Buffalo at the Pocketeer.

The Good:
-- It looks beautiful
-- Great theme
-- Great sound
-- Great rules
-- Pretty dang funny at times

The Bad:
-- Terrible layout. Some of the shots are nearly impossible.
-- It doesn't flow.
-- Lots of bricks. I spend more time saving the ball than making shots.

Overall I love the theme and sights and sounds. It's beautiful. The rules are awesome, but the layout kills it for me. I played it maybe 10 times and that was enough aggravation for me. If this was a wide body, I'd be climbing over people to get one.
2 years ago
I own this machine. I've played it non-stop for a few days.

The Good:
-- Lighting is one of the best I've seen. It really pulls you in.
-- The modes are very fun and challenging.
-- Shots are satisfying as all get out. Both ramps are some of the best ramps in any game I've ever played.
-- The layout is one of the best layouts ever, imo.
-- SOLID BUILD. This isn't in the rating anywhere, but it's a solid machine that could withstand an earthquake.

The Bad:
-- Multiballs, while fun, are basically worthless because the points are too low. If this gets fixed in an update, I'd bump the rules rating up from a 4 to a 6. It's just depressing when you get a multiball and you're sad about it. (Edit 11/18/18: The 1.57 update came out and now the multiballs are AWESOME! Totally worth playing, and as noted, I bumped it from a 4 to a 6. Quantum City Multiball was also added in the update, making so many more targets actually worth hitting. This game went from "great" to "amazing"!).
-- I like the theme, but the artwork could be improved. The lead character is a guy with 80s looking clothes & style. Come on.
-- The music is somewhat too repetitive. While it is catchy, it could be improved and be a bigger part of the game. It doesn't draw me in like it does on other games.
-- The callouts are under-whelming and sometimes incorrect. Shoot the right ramp you say? But the big points are in the theater!...

Overall, it's one of my favorite games of all time. I was a little worried that I made a mistake picking this pin over TNA & Houdini, but I'm now glad I did. I'm a HUGE fan of Lawler games, and this one is definitely his best one ever.
2 years ago
This game is my bench mark for all games. It hits every major category.

The Good:
-- The layout is awesome. Lots of stuff to hit. Has Aliens & Spaceships, great toys!
-- The callouts are funny. Love em all.
-- Great light & sound show. Martian Multiball is awesome. "ATTACK!!!!!"
-- Looks awesome. Perhaps the best theme, best cabinet, best back-glass, etc.
-- I love the rules. So much to do! Multiball games, video mode, strobe multiball, etc.
-- Challenging!!!!! It takes me a long time and many games to finish specific parts of the pin. I'll never rule the universe...

The Bad:
-- ........ uhh........ no idea what to say here.

I love the game. Like I said, it's my benchmark for all other games on the market. I can't pick even one thing wrong with it. Maybe it would be better with an LCD/LED screen? That's the best I can do.
2 years ago
I didn't know anything about this game. It's like a standard-body reverse-paragon, and I love paragon.

The Good:
-- Lots of stuff to hit. For a '79, that's pretty impressive.
-- I personally love the ruleset..... but.... (see the cons)
-- The double-left flipper is a great added challenge, and the detour gate is a great addition.

The Bad:
-- Rules: Weighted very heavily for the bonus and top kick-out hole.... maybe too heavily. Noobies can get lucky and win in competition, which is a big deal.

I love the game. I play it a lot but I don't play it more than a few times in a row for maybe 15 minutes total because of the repetition. However, I love how it plays and I think it's a great machine for everyone, new or experienced.
2 years ago
I am not a fan of the band Iron Maiden. I couldn't name any of their songs, and I'm not a big stern fan. This game showed up at my local co-op, and because of all the buzz about it, I was excited to give it a try:

The Good:
-- Awesome layout. It's one of the best layouts I've ever seen.
-- Lighting & Sound is amazing. All band-themed pins better have this.
-- Best use of a LCD/LED screen I've ever seen. So easy to see your targets and the animations are incredibly fun.
-- Great rules! It keeps the game fun and interesting. I love all the multiballs.
-- 4 flippers!
-- I love the 2 ramps and orbits.
-- It makes me want to play another game again and again.

The Bad:
-- The lighting is good, but I think it could be better. This isn't really a knock so much as I feel this way about nearly every game.
-- Where's the toys!? The only thing I can think of is the middle ramp into the target. MORE TOYS!
-- Maybe it's too easy? I'm not so great, but I found myself in front of it for about 30 minutes at a time (with no Extra Balls).

Conclusion: I love the game and I love the rules. After only 1 hour of playing it, however, I was 2 ramps away from Power Pyramid and 1 more from Number of the Beast Wizard mode. Maybe the settings can be made tougher somehow. The game is so great, I don't want to get tired of playing it!

EDIT (Added 3/13/19): I still love this game. It's very fun and tons of adrenaline. There's always something to hit... but that's also part of the complaint that I have... there's always something to hit. In competition, I watched as a new player amassed over 300 million points having no clue what they were doing. When I asked about their strategy, they said "no idea. I was just keeping the ball alive and kept getting points."

Game-wise, I love it. Competition-wise, not so much.
2 years ago
This game is what helped me learn ball control

The Good:
-- I love the way it looks, from the cabinet to the playfield.
-- It's such a heavy and solid wide-body. It has a great feel to it.
-- The ruleset is awesome. All the points are in the bonus, so you don't want to tilt it.
-- Layout is great. Lots to hit for a machine made in 1980.
-- I love how this game gives players a great way to practice ball control.

The Bad:
-- The ball kind of floats around a little too much for my liking.

I love this game. I play it every chance I get. It's a rush to get 20,000 bonus on ball one and even more of a rush to crush the bonus multiplier on the left side. I was even able to get the extra ball & special in a game... which was amazing! I could play this game everyday.
2 years ago
I found this game at my local coop and played it maybe 50 times.

The Good:
-- Layout is nearly as good as it could be for the time in which it was made.
-- The rules make it fun. It's easy-ish to follow.
-- When you lock 2 multiballs, it's a rush. I've never seen anyone lock all 3!
-- Not only does it score your game, but also buckets, which is an added element to competition.
-- The flippers allow for great catches & carry.

The Bad:
-- So hard to see the playfield. Needs more lighting.
-- The sounds get repetitive. Some guy says "myah!" a lot, and that was always in my head.
-- Looks stupid.

It played very well, and to me, that's all that really matters. I loved the challenge of getting multiballs and locking them for the 1m bonus. I was able to do it 6 times in a row once, which was quite the rush. If it had better music & sounds, and better artwork, I think it would be more desirable by most.
2 years ago
I love this game. Every time I come across one, I need to play it.

The Bad:
-- Hard to see! Every game has a reflection of the back glass that gets in my way. I hate it. I also hate how dim it is. Could use more GI.

The Good:
-- Super fun drop targets that actually have a dual purpose (timed for points & magna-save)
-- x-scoring is a fun shot and increases the bonus.
-- Multiball is incredibly fun to start and play for a 1980s machine.
-- Shots are both fun and challenging. It never gets boring.

I think it's one of the best machines of its time. I could, and have, played it for hours a day.
2 years ago
I was a huge Walking Dead (AMC) fan when this show first came out. This pin came around the same time as my peak interest in the show, so I was a big fan when I walked up to the machine.

The Bad:
-- The music, or lack-there-of. I like what's there but it's very repetative.
-- The animations would be better in color. Come on, Stern. Stop skimping!

The Good:
-- Layout is awesome. Some people don't like the layout but I'm a big fan, personally.
-- The rules are great.
-- Sounds & Lights work together very well.

Given what the designers had to work with, I think this is a very fun pin. It has me coming back every time. It's fun to play and anyone can play it. The sounds are great and when paired with the lighting and shaker motor, it really immerses you into the game.

It's fun to play, it's reliable and hardly needs maintenance, cleaning is simple. I've probably come back to play this pin more times than any other.
2 years ago
I loved AC/DC as a kid growing up, so I figured this machine would suck me right in. It has done the opposite.

The Bad:
-- 8 drop targets and 4 stand up targets? I feel that's taking the easy way out for a 2013 game.
-- The cannon hides the entire right side in & out lanes. I can't see and it's frustrating to look around it.
-- I end up fixing/tweaking this machine a lot, and it seems to get dirtier than others. The glass to the lower playfield gets cloudy.

The Good:
-- The lower playfield is fun.
-- The music and sounds are awesome. Some of the best of any pin I've ever played.
-- The cannon is innovative.
-- Being able to stack multiballs and use the fire button to add a ball or save multiball.

I used to hate this game, but I rather like it now. The cannon is the worst part. I have a hard time seeing where the ball is underneath it, and during multiball it's very frustrating. The rules are great, it sounds great, and it has tons of things to do. A+ game!

PS: I'm grading the premium. The pro would get a completely different rating. I rather hate the pro, actually.
4 years ago
I love this machine. I wish I owned it. I'm not even a huge Metallica fan. It's challenging without being impossible. It has some awesome gadgets. It's lit up well, the sounds are great, but sometimes I find them too repetitive.
4 years ago
I love this game. Great ruleset, great layout, great shots. Of 15-or-so machines, this is one that I keep trying to play over and over.
4 years ago
I love the looks and the theme. That's the best part of this machine. The layout is great too. It was the first pinball machine that really got my attention. It's fun for beginners, but lacks the challenge beyond that imo. The sounds got annoying for me, and the music was lacking. It went from a machine I really wanted to play to the machine I avoided over and over again. I did like the lighting. I also had a lot of fun with the ramp and number lottery. That's fun to me for some reason.
4 years ago
I really do like this game for the 1-2-3 Reflex shots, and the Bazillion, but that's really all it has to offer. I find it fun and challenging, but nothing that would be able to stand alone.
4 years ago
I really like this game; it's laid out well and gets fun and creepy at the same time. "Thing" is fun. I hate the damn multiball mode. The magnetized center always makes me lose the balls.
4 years ago
-- Music is terrific given that this machine was produced in 93. I think my favorite music is after tri-ball is completed. Just awesome.
-- Great sounds! The roar of the dinosaurs are always awesome.
-- The shaker motor really enhances gameplay. You can feel T-Rex walking around.
-- Playfield is laid out very well. Tons of stuff to shoot at, some very challenging shots with the side flipper.
-- Fast and smooth game that is not clunky.
-- It has a T-REX that eats the ball! One of the best features of any pin ever.
-- The rules are easy to follow. 11 mini-modes before you reach wizard mode aka system failure, plus several other mini-games that you can achieve through various accomplishments (Super Egg, Victory Lap, Mr. DNA, etc).
-- Did I mention the T-Rex!? Always a fan favorite. Wife loves it and mimics it sometimes.
-- Great DMD images. T-Rex eating the goat is fun. Would look awesome in color.
-- If you're into multiball, this machine is for you: 2-Ball, Super Egg, Tri-Ball, 6-Ball Chaos, and 6-Ball System Failure.
-- "Smart Missile" button activates all lit items. Great for rookies, since multiball is almost a given each and every game when you use it on ball 1. Makes the game easier and more fun for players at a beginner level. Great for advanced players so you can save it to help you get CHAOS! This function really gives the machine an added dynamic for all skill levels, and that's something that I cannot say about 99% of all pins out there.
-- The update by ChadH makes the machine a "must have" in my opinion. The updates are amazing, making this basically a brand new pin.
-- T-REX EATS THE BALL! I can't get over how awesome that is. When you're with a group of people who have never seen this before, their eyes light up and smiles/laughs all around. It's a great experience over and over again.
-- The biggest pro is that everyone can play it. It's an instant party hit, mixes will with both the young and old crowd, novice and pro player, and will easily stand the test of time, unlike many other games that fade away into oblivion.

-- It's well-lit, but in a dark room it's hard to see the ball at all times, even with frosted bulbs. If you turn a small lamp on in the corner of the room and play, it's perfect.
-- The back glass is "meh". I spruced it up by adding LED bulbs behind the words "Jurassic Park", but you can only do so much. It might take full LEDs to make the colors really pop, but even if that happens, it's still just looks like a movie poster and nothing else.
-- The art on the playfield is HORRIBLE. This is where I gave it my lowest rating. It looks like someone copied/traced all the characters. There's also that green mess in the middle, where the lights light up when you collect the dinosaurs that lead to multiball. I find that unorganized and ugly.
-- The cabinet is OK, but could use more yellow around the front. The main colors of Jurassic Park are black, red, and yellow, but looking at it you see 70% black, 25% red, and nearly no yellow at all.

-- It's not a pro or con because this is fixable, but make sure you set the game play on the hardest setting if you buy it. On "normal", it's a little too easy to reach system failure. If you increase the difficulty level, you'll have much more of a challenge, and the lastability will increase.