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Methos's ratings

Pinsider Methos has rated 10 machines.

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Rating comments

Methos has written 10 rating comments:

35 days ago
The best classic Stern ever made. Theming is original and the color scheme just fits so well. The sounds, the spinner, the back hand shot to the spinner on the left side, it's the best solid state game from that era.
35 days ago
Incredible game. What strikes me about the game is that it doesn't feel like a wide body. It's fast and has all of the classic Stern shots, spinners, and the pull of "one more game". It is easily in the top 5 of classic sterns for me.
7 years ago
i like that this game has Rudy he is very iconic in pinball very good game
7 years ago
good game
8 years ago
The backglass is a classic. Putting that aside, the game is a very early SS and it shows. All chimes, the game play isn't the best. Getting an extra ball is too easy and without drop targets - there isn't a lot to do. So in summary - a great game to have as an art piece, but not a good selection if you have a small collection.
8 years ago
Everything about this game is top notch. The hardest game I have played - it is just brutal. I love the theme so that makes it more appealing to me. While people complain about the artwork - all of the playfield art is taken from the 30's pulp art - not the movie. Did I say it was a brutal game to play?

The music/sounds/animations are great and the sanctum ball lock is so cool. This is my desert island pin. I can only imagine how much it cost B/W to make this pin.
8 years ago
There is a reason why this game is on many people's wish list. The game doesn't play like many system 11 games - it's that's good. Only compliant is that it reminds me too much of Funhouse - which is natural.
8 years ago
This game doesn't seem to get a lot of love, but you can never go wrong with a pool theme. The game play follows a game of eight ball (naturally). The art on the backglass and pf is very good - an early 20th century theme and it's very original. It's a smaller sized game but kids love it and people new to pinball like it because it's easy to pick up on the rule set. Makes a great game in a larger collection.
8 years ago
Probably my favorite PL game. The backglass art I never cared for until I saw it in person. Much better - the sounds/music are dated a bit but done very well. The game play is what makes me love this pin. Simple rule set -but still all about the shots. And the shaker motor just adds to the fun. The shelter bonus shot is not easy to make. Great game.
8 years ago
Not one of the top system 11s - but a great game in its own right. The art/theme/music really make this game an above average machine for me. The layout is a bit different with only one outer lane on each side. This makes it very difficult to catch the ball - however I wonder if this was designed intentionally as to simulate the difficulty of docking in outer space.

I am not a fan of LEDs but this is one game that demands the effect. A great machine if you can one for under $1000.