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2 years ago
My first pin ever.
Yes, it is old, yes no multiball.
But to reach the goal is a nice journey and the effect is mega. BLACKOUT BLACKOUT BLACKOUT.
Would i buy this pin again?
Yes, but only for sentimental reason.
Pins of today are more interesting than the old ones (only my opinion) with few exceptions (Fathom, Centaur,...).
3 years ago
AS has some cool things going on.
The toy box (IJ4 like) and the ball flying into the box (NBA like).
Had these pins and liked them.
BUT what this pin makes a better one is the art.
AS plays a bit like my Kiss, but i like the music more and the LCD is much more entertainment than a DMD.

Will it be a keeper? Maybe. But it is too soon for a final decision.

Update: After a while, i must say, this pin is better and better.
Will be one of the last that leaves me.
3 years ago
Had a pro, sold it. Bought another one. All said :)
3 years ago
Never understood what to do in locations and so i tried to own one.
Found a nice Pro with some extras (Shaker, Invisible Glass, Sound mod) and now after better knowing the rules it is a super fun game. Superb light show, best integration of TFT i have seen until yet. Fast play. Yes, translite is not the best, toys are ... toys.
But in these times it is easier to find this pin at a fair price, because there is a comic variant and it is hyped. So give this pin a chance, after confusing first games it will be clearer after the while.
Do not understand the comic art hype.
For me, Star Wars are movies.
Good for me :)
4 years ago
Played KISS Pro last week.
Before, i did not know, how much fun it is.
Only found informations about bad code, incomplete code.
But now i am hooked.
Will buy one this week.
6 years ago
In my Pinball-History the all-time-best-of-Pin was T2.

Now, nearly 25 years later it happened what i never expected: a new No. 1 in my hitlist is here.

Best Theme (beside IJ) ever (i love the show and i do not invest much TV-time in my life).

Super flow with super shots on both sides including backhands, fantastic Lightshow (WiC is awesome) and rules for long time fun (make a decision, but do not think too long, like speed-chess).

The only thing i do not like, is the artwork of the backglass but this is changeable and after a swap all is good. The artwork of the cabinet is so-so but acceptable.

When you buy a beauty (like KISS) and the gameplay is bad, you have nothing Jon Snow.
When you buy (and play) GoT Pro, you win.

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