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10 months ago
Playfield is good, not the best but shots are satisfying enough.

Rules are quite good on latest release, lots of ways to score: 6 regular modes, goober, murder ride, living dead girl, 1000 corpses.. all modes have corresponding multiballs if you win them.

Custom art on cabinet and backglass is simply amazing, among the best I've ever seen. Playfield art is good but not very pinball-y, shots and labels hard to see. Rob, the witch and rat look good.

Music is great if you're a Zombie fan.

Callouts are the funniest in all pinball. Rob Zombie's themes culled from music and movies let this game get away with crap that no other pinball machine can dream about. Maybe zingy-bingy could but that never got built and this one did. Not for anyone who is easily offended.

People who rated this 4 years ago should try it again on the v26 code, it plays much better and most of the bugs are squashed.
1 year ago
Incredible game, incredible implementation of the theme. The modes are detailed and nuanced, fitting the story in a way that makes them a joy to play through. They're all tough enough that earning that green stamp feels like a real achievement.

Playfield layout is quite unique, and after dialing it in it flows like few others with some really unique shots.

There is never a feel of woodchopping - modes are only 2 ramps + scoop and multiball lock rules just shorten the time lock is lit instead of increasing shots required. To score well you basically want to get a mode, multiball, a dimension and as many meeseeks (or mania) as you can. 10 modes and 30? dimensions makes each playthrough unique and you're never far away from blowing it up.

Sounds, music, artwork, display and choreography are top notch. Just a great game overall.
7 years ago
Beautiful but boring. Left loop all day if you're playing conservatively in competition. Lousy wizard mode, decent multiball, but overall just bad rules. Too bad as playfield flows very well.
8 years ago
Next step in evolution of pinball. LCD is great eye candy and shows impressively-rendered scenes. Playfield has unique layout, filled with shots, so much to shoot at. Lots of backhands, strategic shooting; OTOH pops make it hard to keep control at times. Awesome KEF ruleset, stackers' dream. Huge scoring opportunities w/o woodchopping when stacks are set up. RGB LEDs are great
8 years ago
Not just rare, this is a fun game! Easy to start modes and multiballs make for quick progression, 2-ball droptarget multiball is tough and unique, ballbuster toy is cool. Tube dancer toy is unrivaled. Awesome execution of theme, great art and music. A must for Hitchhiker fans :D
8 years ago
Such a fun little game once you understand the rules. Play pinball skillfully to setup the board game for best chance to get into the Vault. All kinds of depth and interactivity between boardgame and pinball features. Well-designed playfield plays like a standard game in small footprint. Hearing a token hit the glass never gets old.

Donuts, the stuff dreams are made of!
8 years ago
Incredible game that does just about everything right. Dial it in and the flow is awesome, perfect soundtrack (upgrade the speakers to hear it correctly), good difficulty curve, doesn't take forever to have a good game.
8 years ago
Stupidly fun game. TV wizard mode best single-ball wiz mode ever.
9 years ago
Update - Many code updates have now made this one of the best games ever. Hammer works great, has some awesome effects with an external sub. 4 mini wiz modes, excellent stacking and much more variety in sound/speech/dots. I picked up an LE and revised cab and backglass ratings to reflect (prefer this over the regular premiums). /update


As it is now, Metallica Premium is a good, but not groundbreaking game. Rules are a bit light at the moment, and hammer problems prevented me from even seeing Coffin MB over 2 days of play. Band members' speech is just bad, and while the musical selections are pretty good, the quality of the music reproduction isn't. On the other hand, the playfield artwork is top notch, and the cab/bb on the road case edition is better than they looked in pics. Sparky is an awesome toy, and the light show is great. Playfield layout offers a good variety of shots, but no upper flipper is a downer, and it's YAFL. Speed is OK, but nothing compared to Tron. Snake rejects are no fun. Mystery hole desperately needs sound+lamp code before eject.

Overall, a work in progress, much like this rating. Will revisit when the game is finished.