Today I'm excited for the future of pinball.

By merccat

October 30, 2016

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7 years ago

I live in a location pinball black hole.  The only location with anything is a dive of a pizza bar with only one pinball machine which is in a very sorry and barely playable state.  As a pinball fan its very depressing.

This weekend my wife and I went on a pinball road trip of sorts.  We had sold our classic KISS to a family about 30 minutes outside of Pismo and I agreed to deliver it (I'm always up for a road trip). Delivering the game we found them to be extremely friendly and I was thrilled to hear their young sons were big time into pinball and actually preferred Bally solid state games.  We stayed and chatted plus played some pinball before heading out.  I left very happy that my game went to a family that not only enjoyed playing but had young kids who enjoyed playing.

While it was close enough for a turnaround trip we stayed the night in San Luis Obispo.  After finding a location on the pinside map with 5 games listed, in the morning we decided to check it out.  The place was named Lincoln Market and Deli and was pretty much just that.  The food and sandwiches looked great plus there were some interesting food items on the shelves.  Along thr back wall was a great row of pins.  They had Elvira Scared Stiff, Midevil Madness, Theater of Magic, Gillihans Island, and T2.... all set for 50 cents per play!!

We played there for about 3 hours.  At first it was just my wife and I.  Soon though a young family had come in and were playing with their kids and another college age guy.  While taking a break and eating our sandwiches he came over and joined us (there are only like 3 tables in this place) and we started chatting.  Turns out he has been playing pinball for only a week or so, having been introduced by some of his friends who were on their way to play today.  He had come in early to get some practice in.

All I can say is wow, what an amazing time.  Seeing several young kids getting into pinball, living breathing location pinball and  brand new enthusiasts had me leaving feeling very positive. What a refreshing and encouraging weekend.

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7 years ago

very cool story!
What a great collection of games.

7 years ago

That's awesome!
Good to hear that there are other young kids like myself getting into it :b
I only just joined this site on a whim, there's a Johnny Mnemonic right near me, and it plays like crap but it's fun. And there used to be a LOTR table at a local arcade. Only about a week or so ago I was like "Man it would be really cool to just own a pinball table" then I joined this site and realized I could make that happen! Of course those amazing games are $$$$ But I can get some ol' beaters on the cheap which is fine by me.
As a college kid I was thinking it may also be a kickass addition to the dorms/student center to try holding some sorta fundraiser maybe put one on campus and get people interested.

Keep on believing in the future!

7 years ago

Thanks for the tip, I'm headed that direction soon!

7 years ago

I'm glad I'm not the only person of my generation who loves pinball. Also, these new Pinball companies that seem to come out of nowhere are slowly reviving the pinball market, like Highway Pinball and Spooky pinball. This is another reason to be excited for the future, because Stern isn't the only company making pinball machines anymore, and because of that pinball is able to get more exposure in this generation, and draw in more players.

7 years ago

Great story, always good to hear about people enjoying machines out in the wild. Seems like a nice collection they had as well!

7 years ago

I can remember the good old days when you could get a game for a dime and usually win a game or so. I could go to the gameroom down the road from school and play pinball almost all day and leave free games for some body else to play usually a young kid who jusy shot off ball and started hitting the flippers Boy that was the day. But them days are long gone. where I live there is one pizza place that has 3 machines all brand new and 75 cents to $1 a game plat them for 2-3 months and you 've burned through enough money to buy a used machine so I did a ss Mata Hari that had some problems but have taken care of except for one the count down bonus and a.b works but no lights not sure whats wrong tried changing bulbs but did not work no idea except lamp board any ideas would help. Thanks in advance Jeff
p.s. i'm tryingto learn how to work on them so I can pick up several and open up a game room around here

7 years ago

Great story, Up here in pinball heaven we have a lot of younger kids playing pinball (18-25) They actually know the rules and study PAPA videos so they can kick my butt pretty regular.

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