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4 years ago
An early multi-ball (2 ball) game with some interesting rules. Even more with the home ROM. The game is centered around drop targets with the top bank of 5 individually controlled. Other than building up to double trouble all targets are timed and during double trouble the top targets are also timed with progressively increasing scores as you make the selected targets within the time frame.

Magna-save implementation here is fun in that you must first build up your saves (each side bank of drops awards an available save on the corresponding side) and using the save of course depletes an available save. If you’re careful you should always have saves available and a nice quick pulse can really move the ball.

The playfield artwork is not that great and the shot up the center ramp is clunky, but it’s still fun to play for the drop tartgets and multiball.

Added features of the home rom include a skill shot, ability to rotate lit lanes of the mini game which is pretty lame without that ability as well as combo shots and a few other enhancements.
5 years ago
Twilight Zone is one of those games I always come back to. Yeah, it can be a brutal game but once you learn the danger zones you can have really long ball times.

There is a very nice selection of modes to play. Enough to make every game interesting and different than the last but not so much that there are modes unreachable by the average player (given enough time/games).

The art package on the game is incredible, you can spend hours studying all the different theme emelents crammed in. Speaking of theme the game fits its theme perfectly.

There are two primary toys and both are well integrated into the gameplay. First there is of course the clock which times your modes and has several dedicated modes of its own. Also while in attract mode it serves as an actual functioning clock which is pretty near in my book. Second there is the gumball machine and while it has a lesser role (powerball storage and advancement), it is probably one of the coolest mechs in pinball.

I was also thinking it probably somewhat helped with playfield wear as it would always keep 3 of the balls on a slowe rotation through the game potentially subjecting them to less wear. Thats just some therory that popped into my head though and it probably isn't actually enough to matter.

Its only weaknesses are a small area in front od the clock that doesn't have any art and therefore looks bare... but the piano mod does a great job of finishing that area. Also the pop bumpers can be overly dangerous... but when tuned they are not too bad. Still there are some machines I have played in the wild where it is literally impossible to escape the bumpers with your life and thats no fun. Don't worry though, you can adjust it with the right runbers and outlane opening so that they remain dangerous but are not automatic death.

I'm happy to say that I have finally added this game to my collection. Having it at home with time to really familiarize myself with it has only deepened my appreciation for this gem of a game.