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7 years ago
Hyperball looks great. It's basically an electromechanical version of Space Invaders with great sounds, neat light show, and, well, a machine that launches small, steel bearings at targets :-). It simply has no longevity. It's not a great game to own unless you're a big time fan. It's also a nightmare to maintain for those not experienced with fixing these things. This game is great in a large collection. I wouldn't let this one take up floor space when there are better, more reliable and fun games out there in the same price range.
7 years ago
This machine is among the best. Crazy, but challenging layout. Awesome music and sound for the time (and today for that matter). Outstanding theme. More than likely, you will not get sick of this game.
7 years ago
A very bland pinball machine and an equally bland video game. The pin/vid hybrid was a great idea, but Baby Pac Man fails to deliver. Also, owning this game is not advised for people not well versed in arcade machine repair. They are known to be very problematic. Hopefully, someday, a kit is made that will both enhance the game as well as make the electronics (particularly the Vidiot PCB) reliable.
7 years ago
The latest software update made this game into a classic. Fans of Star Trek (especially the newer films) will outright love this game. There's nothing more I can add about the gameplay that's been covered in other reviews. For whatever it's worth, this game was my first "big dollar" machine I ever bought (virtually everything I own was bought back in the late 1990s). I can't imagine it leaving my collection.
7 years ago
This game is among my favorites. Any review I give will be obscenely biased, so I am not going to delve into any details of the game :-). I love the music, playfield, light show, and flow. When I first started collecting machines, this was my first must-have. If you ever find one at a reasonable price, you will not go wrong snatching it up ... it's very difficult to get sick of the overall game.