Introduce of a new member from Germany here on pinside

By MedoMM

December 29, 2023

63 days ago

Hi @all her on the biggest pinside of the world ...

I hope that i am right here with my introducion story ...

I am member of the german pinball community "flippermarkt" and although my english is not so good , i will 

try to introduce myself here with some sentences , because i think that is normal or the good behaviour to say 

something when man is new elsewhere... and because i like it on the "flippermarkt" too when a new member 

says some words about himself....

My name is Christian and i am 53 years old, come from Stade this is near to Hamburg

In my eraliers years in the 80's we have a location near the train station where i found my love to pinballs ...

I can remember a machine is named Flash from Williams which i played a lot on this location closed 

i didn't play  so often because i had other interests as girls , motorbike(little) , disco , beer and so on started 

at this time and interests changed ....after this times ... school ended , work startet and interests were cars , motorbikes ,

women , beer , bars ( Reeperbahn Hamburg maybe some guys know this ;-) discos and so on ...seldom i played pinball

but i can remember The Addams Family and Indiana Jones pins...from this times in the 90's ...

Then in the following years you found nearly no pinballs in the bars because the arcade machines came up...

I forgot the pinballs ... 

Many years after this times was in 2019 on the isle of Mallorca i was in vacation with my best buddy Nico...

and what did we do in the evening ...we went in a bar , drink beer and watched the drunken english people making 

caraokee on the stage ( nearly only english people and very funny ) ....and....there in the corner there stand a 

Flintstones Pinball we put money in it and that was the moment where my old passion comes up again :-)

The pin was very bad with failures and the upper finger on the right nearly didn't work...but doesn't matter to us ...

we want to play in the following days we found some other machines in other locations , like a Popeye and

an Addams ( which i loved immediately) i don't know the others ..but in the evenings we went to "our" bar

near to our appartment and same things like evenings , listen caraokee and play on the "half broken" 


Back in Germany i informed myself...and couple of weeks later i bought my first own pinball machine

from "Freddys Pinball Paradise"  The Addams Family ...

Nowadays i own TAF , MM (WMS) , IJ (WMS) and in the beginning 2024 , i hope , my first new Pin 

from CGC CC will come to me...than my space is running out and i have this 4 machines ...

So ...i have now my own pins but i do not play every day or week , but we ( my friends and me )

play every some weeks and have good evenings with beer and pinball ...

my other big , that means bigger passion than the pins passion is my cars ...which have 

together more than 1200 horse power ( not bad for 2 cars i mean ;-))

And you all know the " german autobahn " i think ;-)) > if not ..there are parts where you are allowed to go as fast as you want or can :-)

Much fun for you all with your hobbies...what ever it is....

best regards 



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