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7 years ago
One of the best EM's ever, period! Awesome machine! Beautiful and a real player! If you roll it, then you've had a hot game! Love the drop targets and the scrolling light which scores your Bonus value! You want to shoot only the lit drop, to maximize points, and of course you have to shoot a dangerous center target to reset the drops. It's a real shooter, love it!
7 years ago
A simple genius game with huge points swings, lots of randomness, and the high drama that goes with the ability to setup BIG point shots. This game is a true player! Love the challenge of setting up the roto-target and inserts perfectly for that 100+ point shot, which gives you a great physical 'double-thump' chime when you hit it! Awesome artwork, and fantastic backbox animation. Simply a classic in every way!
7 years ago
Game is fast, fun, awesome flow, intuitive shots, great lighting effects, cool toys, original beautiful artwork of great quality, and we can assume the rules will only get better. It's a rush to play, and the multiballs mesh the music changes into gameplay in very well. Add the pinnovators kit for a real sound rush! Best Stern release in forever...
8 years ago
Fast, fun, endless combos, total chaos from the magnets, and you're never safe from a drain. Code has some problems, and rules need to be tightened up, and it could be a masterpiece. Right now, as of 1.23, the code is holding it back. A few rating areas took hits based on code or rule probelms as of now.