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6 months ago
Was in the market for a premium, but a pro fell to me locally and couldn't pass. The pro has all the shots that the premium has and I may even say it flows better than the premium. Deep rule set that always has me coming back for another game. This is a shooters pin, with 5 ramps, raptor pen, control room, spinner, ect. there is always something to shoot at.
This is a grail theme of mine, and if I had to say anything negative is the artwork is a little cartoony for my liking. Its not based on the movie at all and that was a bit of a let down. However, there are mods out there do include movie clips and callouts.
Overall I love this pin and I dont see myself getting rid of it unless I can get a premium.
1 year ago
I absolutely love this game!!! This is the game that got me into pinball. Top 3 pins of all time...EASY!! Great mix of theme, shots, modes and difficulty.
1 year ago
This game kicked my butt. Would love to play one on free play, because this is the toughest game I've ever played. I really didn't grasp the rules, but that is because I really didn't have enough time to look anywhere else on the play field. Best game in terms of toys, I don't think anything touches it. I almost wish they had less toys because the play field is so packed as it is. By far my wife's favorite pin and I would have to say its up there for me too.
1 year ago
Just recently had the chance to play JP and all I can say is WOW. Bunch of shots, pretty amazing call outs and modes. I found it super challenging, but not frustrating (If that makes any sense). I just kelp putting my dollar bills in!! My biggest issue with machine is the art work. I wish they took a more 1993 Jurassic Park theme approach. IMO its a little cartoony and there are some aspects of Jurassic World incorporated. The Newton ball shot is pretty cool, but I wish it was a wrangler instead of a truck. Long story short I want one!!! The T rex movements are awesome ... Now to decide if I can live with the Pro or go LE.
1 year ago
One of my personal favorites. I grew up on the HBO show and read a lot of the old comic reprints when I was younger. I think it is the best Data East game ever made! Yes, even better than Guns n Roses. There are a lot of great satisfying shots and is pretty challenging. I personally love the theme it's nostalgic to me, but I can understand why it isn't for everybody. Crypt keeper's laugh can get pretty annoying, but that's my only flaw with the game.
1 year ago
Fun pin if you enjoy the theme. Definitely not a single pin collection, but would have lastability in a 4-5 in my opinion. CLAW save is a cool feature. I think the Claw flipper however is kind of pointless. Freddys callouts and spitting out the ball is an amazing feature. I wish there was a ramp or two. After a few plays I sort of loss interest.
1 year ago
In my opinion a super underrated game by data east. A bunch of shots and modes to complete that make it a great pin for beginners and veterans. Macho Madness is pretty crazy, with 6 multi balls coming right at you. I don't think you need to be a old school wrestling fan to enjoy the game, but it definitely helps. The theme is definitely geared towards the early 90's WWF fans so it might not be for everyone. I grew up on this stuff so I can get loss in the game for hours!!