How i was turned into a pinball player

How i was turned into a pinball player

By MCP1982

July 18, 2017

1 year ago

My first pinball experience was - well, with a software pinball simulation named "David's Midnight Magic" in the year 1985. My father showed it to me on our home game computer "C64" and he teached me how to play that game. It was developed in 1982 and is an emulation of the real Williams pinball machine "Black Knight". I liked it very much but until around 2015 i had no idea that there was a real model where "David's Midnight Magic" came from. Until today i've never played the original real "Black Knight" from 1980.

Then from 1987 on my father took me to the arcade "Top Ten" (adress: Prater 110B, 1020 Wien) in the funfair "Wiener Prater". We visited it on many sundays, sometimes i also played pinball in the arcades "Flipperzentrale" and "Fortuna". The first machines i got familiar with were "Fire!", "Bad Cats", "Cyclone", "Space Station", "Swords of Fury" and "Black Knight 2000".

From these 3 arcades only the "Top Ten" survived until today (at least one room of its former 2 rooms). One employee there still remembers me (since 1987) if i get there.

I always admired the very high level skilled players in the arcades and finally (not until 2016!) i got a lot of very valuable hints from one of them how to improve my playing technique. Soon i developed my preference for pinball machines with ramps on the playfield what i never changed until today.

And it's a good feeling that new pinball machines are still developed until today.

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11 months ago
Midnight Magic FTW! We had it on the Apple //c. After that, it was Raster Blaster and then the glorious Pinball Construction Set by Bill Budge (who's a regular on Twitter now). I somehow didn't gain an interest in real pinball from the hours days and weeks I spent using PCS. It was when I went to an arcade warehouse (Central Amusement in New Glasgow, NS, Canada) with some guys and couldn't decide what to make my first machine... video or pinball... so I bought a Baby Pac Man and restored that! I was hooked and picked up Black Knight 2000 afterwards, and it's just gotten worse from there lol. Nice little article.
11 months ago
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11 months ago
Thank you for your comments and for being interested in my pinball background! :-)

An addition to the player that i got great playing hints from:

I became familiar with him (after a concert from "Jean Michel Jarre" in 2016 in vienna) in an arcade nearby at the pin "Ghostbusters".
I suddenly remembered his appearance but he looked older now.
He asked me if i could investigate some pin highscores.

After that we decided to post some of his scores here on
- well, if you like you can take a look at them. (pinsider: "TONpinballplayer") ;-)

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