New Big Guns Machine

New Big Guns Machine

By mcginnismark

October 09, 2018

65 days ago

I just picked up a 1987 Big Guns Pinball machine.  So far I have done the following, replaced the 6" woofer, replaced a trim piece for the translight, put new balls, replaced the pop-up ball saver plastic, removed original mylar(took forever but only very minor lifting around a few inserts that I easily touched up with a black brush).  It seems to play very well, it does already have the remote battery holder installed and is 95% LED bulbs already.   Wanted feedback on common problems with these machines and preventive maintenance I can do to make it last the longest, this is my first pinball so I am learning.  

Story photos

mylar removal (resized).jpg
speaker (resized).jpg
IMG_4553 (resized).jpg
IMG_4554 (resized).jpg
IMG_4552 (resized).jpg
IMG_4551 (resized).jpg
IMG_4550 (resized).jpg
with lights on big guns (resized).jpg


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