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5 years ago
What can you say about it? Imo one of the best Sterns build so far. Its fun, the artwork is epic, the sound rocks and there is a lot to do. I think this is one of the Pro models out there. Premium is nice, but you are missing nothing with the pro. Maybe ghostbusters pro is on the same level. The gameplay is challenging and rewarding.
For me, it's a keeper and I never got sad I sold my AFM for Metallica.
8 years ago
This is just one excellent piece of pinball. Always fun to play with Rudy. And his rules are a nobrainer, so perfect for a small shoot out after work.
This one will never leave my home
8 years ago
This is one of the best pins which has ever seen the light. The first time i played it, I just loved the sound shooting the crate and Elvira nd the other guy shouting out. It might be true that the rules aren't that deep, but sometimes you just wanna have fun and don't think about combos and whatever. Especially when you have guests, they don'T care about rules, they wanna keep the ball alive and see something happening. Scared Stiff is best choice for that.
My SS will never ever leave my home again, it's just the best pin ever :-)