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1 year ago
Game is just great not much more to say and im not a fan of the music.
1 year ago
Great game with good rule set. Can be frustratingly hard, but that adds to the reward of playing a good game.
1 year ago
A very divisive title, unfair drains can happen right off the start, but if you can get past that it's a challenging deep game with tons of modes and multiballs to keep you coming back. The moving multiplayer can be a lot to wrap your head around at first but once you get the hang of it, it makes almost every other game seem like it's slow motion. The comic art version is the only one they should have released so much more pleasing to look at a large improvement to the original.
1 year ago
A great classic stern, brutal to play but rewarding to blow up.
Simple rules hit stars, get special, rip spinner. Easier said than done. A huge flipper gap, brutal out lanes, and high slings make this a punishing yet rewarding early solid state and great tournament game.
1 year ago
One of my personal favorite games can be brutal but so rewarding to blow up. Sound and music is great in my opinion, great theme, great gameplay. One of the games I've bought multiple times and miss when I sold. They did so much with so little a classic in my eyes.
1 year ago
Will update with code. At the moment one of the worst sterns in a few years im very disappointed. The layout is uninspired, gameplay and rule set is lacking at the moment. Could improve with code but you cant change that layout (im not a fan layout guy) None of the shots feel very satisfying to me. Once again will improve with code and I'll update this but I dont think this game will ever do it for me.
1 year ago
Best of the jersey jack games in my opinion fun all around game. Being more of a tournament player the rule set seems to be by far the most balanced of the jersey jacks.
1 year ago
Fun game when well maintained, bonus being advanced through upper slings is the only off putting thing about the game. Drops add to bonus multiplier, stand ups light spinners for added value. Unique lower playfield very overlooked game in mho. Octo chicken art is awesome.