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5 months ago
Demanding but great game, which is one of the reasons we bought it. Looking back at our purchase, no regrets whatsoever. I had a choice of all the NIB games out there - none were 'off the table'. But I kept coming back to Houdini.

We have some easy games in the lineup already and we wanted a title that made us better players. Likely not a machine that I would feed endless quarters into at an arcade since it does take practice, but it is very rewarding for home use. Artwork is beyond stellar, theme is fantastic, and plenty of toys. Very deep rule set as expected in a modern game. The entire AP team really stepped up to the plate by studying Houdini's life, and incorporated those elements into the game. Some so subtly you would never notice unless you chatted with AP staff at a pin expo.

I waited a couple of months before rating so I would be past the 'honeymoon' phase of ownership. Some people mention shots are too hard. If you are just smacking a ball around without aiming, then 'yes', you would struggle. You need to aim carefully and think about placement. I would say this game is comparable to our Judge Dredd in terms of difficult shots. Milkcan is not that hard, despite what others say - and very satisfying. The inner loop is tight, but there is a reward for should be harder. The AP team was very generous tho, and gives the player many features to keep the ball in play (i.e. ball saves, the post between the the flippers, a return into the shooter lane, software settings, etc.). The remaining shots are in line with other games. The ramp, key lane, stage, and magic shop are rather easy shots.

The toys and artwork speak for themselves - just too much to mention. A person is better off just looking at pictures or videos and judge for themselves.

The games is mostly P-ROC based, which I consider a big plus rather than reinventing the wheel. Plus obsolescence is reduced down the road. Some boards are custom tho.

Lastly, some members of the AP team post often on Pinside, and even welcome input on how to improve the game. Find a bug?...simply PM them and you will get a response. Very impressive compared to some other vendors avoidance of thread activity.

In the end, I have no doubts about my purchase. Fantastic game!
11 months ago
JD is my 6th pin, and my 1st bally (although I have a Getaway). Both tough and easy shots, but at times this game can be brutal - that's part of the appeal. Fairly deep rules, really makes you concentrate for the proper shots. Compared to my LAH, the sound quality is far superior. Build quality is excellent and seems to be very solid all around. Some TITAN silicone flippers really changed the game for the better.

Update 8 months after owning...I keep coming back to this game, it just doesn't get old for me. Added a color display from ColorDMD - great mod.
1 year ago
This is my first DE, and honestly - I just enjoy playing the daylights out of it. The game, for the price, is exceptionally fun. For being typically under $2K, there's a lot a 'bells and whistles' going on in this game. Three magnets, a shaker motor, six m-balls, a crane, along with a few other things means a lot of things can happen all at once. It is not uncommon to get 10 minutes (guessing) on ball 3. Don't consider it as good as a classic Williams, but it's a no-brainer for someone with a limited budget. It does have have the typical DE speaker hum, but it's not annoying. Like everyone else mentions, the backglass is one of the weaker points. The backglass (actually plastic) can be swapped out for an aftermarket if a person so chooses. Rules simple fairly simple (compared to my Judge Dredd) which makes it easy to play but with yet some rather difficult shots. Blinking lights help cue the player on what to hit. When we have visitors, it tends to get the most play out of all of my machines.

Almost passed it up given the lack of love for it by some people. Glad I didn't. Now if I can just find a TFTC...

A quick update: Installed the ticket repair decal that i found on Pinside - easy fix. Was worn when I got it. Perfect now. Had the typical wear spot as all other LAH games Even after a good 6 months, this PBM is still fun to play and even tosses in a few new surprises after all this time. Been completely reliable. Some easy shots, some very hard shots - overall a good game for both seasoned and newbie players. I have a JD that constantly torments me after 4 months, but LAH is just a plain fun game. JD may make me a better player, but to just chill out and have fun trying to cheat gravity, LAH has not been a disappointment. Some people may say DE is not the same quality as a Williams or Bally (I own two of those 90's games) but for a 25 year old machine, it's been rock solid. Most problems I encounter on any machine is kludge repairs/mods, not the original game. Glad I bought it, and the price is still decent compared to others.