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62 days ago
Have owned this game since launch and its progressed well. I just dont love it as much as other Elwin games like JP. The outlanes are absolute monsters! Additions of Thanos attacks are pretty fun, but would love to see better animations/sound. Layout is awesome; just wish the outlanes werent as hungry!
8 months ago
really enjoy dialed in when I play on location. I prefer this more than any other JJP game so far. The theme isnt the best but its also not as bad as many say as reasons they wouldnt own this pin.
8 months ago
Love this pin, especially the premium/le. Will admit that I own it and it was my first, but it has stayed dispite owning other games now. Artwork is amazing and theme is top notch. Only thing I will say is playfield seems a bit flat after seeing games like TMNT, but the katana and snkkt shots are so damn satisfying.
8 months ago
I like this game but cant fall in love with it. Maybe I need to own it and play it hundreds of times to understand it better. But as a person that gets to play it on site other JJP games hold my interest more like dialed in or Woz.
8 months ago
One of the only classic games i MUST own someday