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2 years ago
Fun game -- for some the video modes get old, I enjoy them. Not too hard or very deep tiles but it's got a lot of fun factor and would do well in a larger collection vs smaller.
3 years ago
Can't get enough of the music, love the upper playfield and layout, art is fantastic!
3 years ago
I love bop and I love bop 2.0 more. The resolution is a bit dissapointing on 2.0 but they did so much with gameplay, animations, rules, and sounds. Excellent package that really makes bop a 3/4 new game
3 years ago
Art on the pf so-so and rules/scoring seem to take a while to pick up. Everything else on this game is fantastic! I own the Luci version which in my opinion is much better looking than prem or pro, whether it fits the theme or not I don't really give a damn
4 years ago
Love the main shot on the safe and the clear goal of working your way up ranks
4 years ago
The tortuga spinner gets a little old after a while and overall the game seems a little on the easy side but still a very fun game! Clear goals set out, and the sinking ship is sweet!
4 years ago
..you WILL play another game! Keeps you coming back for more.. love the upper playfield and of course the sanctum shot. Diverters keep it interesting as well.. lots of shots and great music/sound effects
4 years ago
TAF is a fantastic game overall. Fast drains sometimes which can be annoying for newer players, but it always keeps you coming back for another game. The hand *does* get a little old after a while.. but the music/sound is all great and never gets old. Classic game.
5 years ago
Easy to see why this game is at the top. Hard to find things not to like about the game.. sounds are fun, art and music are great, awesome toys, long balls.
5 years ago
Overall feel of game is spot on. Not too excited about the backglass ball gimmick though. The art and sound package are excellent, however, and the ring master and pop bumpers are great attractions. Enough to keep you coming back for more for a long while.
5 years ago
Some of the best pin music up there with BK2000, swords of fury.. a few others. I love the going back in time music shifts and always rewarding to hit the 50's chimes 'n multiball. I don't plan to have it leave my collection anytime soon.