Pinball Journey

By Mbailey334

September 18, 2018

7 months ago

As a young boy i was always intrigued with pinball machines. Made my first one with cardboard, popsicle sticks and rubber bands, upgraded to a plywood box, with nails, rubber band, springs out of my dads garage, sure i made a mess making, even painted it. As a young teen, i worked at a bowling, learned how to get free games, played all the time when the alley was slow. 

Purchased my first legit machine in 1998, "Guns & Roses", it was pristine, The Arcade vender said no one played it, Ended up being the least expensive that he had. it was a Family Xmas gift, Have loved playing it ever since. 

Mostly done my own maintainance, New rubber kits, several times, Bulbs. broken wire on the flipper solenoid, piano  replaced, pop up paddles and other misc stuff, Have had it professionally worked on twice, center kicker stopped working, Tech fixed on spot, flippers quit working, tech fixed in shop. other than that, it has been a great machine.

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