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1 year ago
This machine is a blast to play. It does matter wether you like GnR music or not, but the overall gameplay experience is 2nd to none. Absolutely NONE!
4 Flippers, 10 main shots, upper playfield, the best video animations ever on the backbox lcd, hotrails and incredible lighting effects.
I recommand to add an active sub. I hooked up a 300W Harman Kardon sub and the game becomes so much more fun. To go completely “over the top” I added the latest pinstadiums. Not a matter of lighting the playfield better, but just to add an insane amount of light on the playfield.
But even without the pinstadium lighting this game remains a candy to the eye. To me it has 21 endgames in one: 21 songs from which you can at least always play one each game. And you can choose it.
Like every game it needs to be properly dailed in. And once it is you will really enjoy it.
I like the gameplay, since you are rewarded for not instantly accepting jackpots scores and you can “prepare” a song or mode in order to score more points later during that game. I own my machine for 6 months and I hardly understand all the tactics, patches and multiballs. But basically it’s pretty simple. Keep the ball in play long enough and your scores will increase and explode once you hit the right shots.
And if the lighting is too much of a hassle: stay inside during Christmas and you can recover from a sensory overload.
Fun game, great lighting, plenty of rules and code, enough shots. Just great fun to play.
3 years ago
The CE is the same game with a different art package. I don’t have anything against Depp, but Davy Jones is the cooler character of the two.
The topper is just great and spot on.
Different art and playfield plastics make the playfield look more “dark”. Not a bad thing, but I prefer the standard playfield.
Cabinet art is very good, but the coral look-a-like ornaments don’t do it for me. Must say I owned a sea aquarium with real live corals some years ago and that might influence my opinion on this.
4 years ago
Alien is a unique game that should be played in the dark with the volume loud. It’s an eary experience fighting yourself trough the Alien universe. The gameplay perfectly matches iconic scenes from the movies. The soundeffects, music and lighting is phenomenal. The game gets under your skin and puts you in the middle of the action. Great movie callouts from especially Bill Paxton put a smile on my face every time I play this game. If you fail the drop ship mode Bill says “How do I get out of this chicken shit outfit” and Apone replies with “you secure that shit Hudson!!!”
Or the start of the “Save Newt” mode or Ambush multiball with the famous Alien tracking device fullscreen on the display: just great and unmatched in any pinball experience.
Do you like gore? Play the “bug hunt” mode and make the chestburster shot....don’t look up and make sure any youngsters are out of the gameroom.
Alien is a rare, special and expensive pin. For me, who knows almost all 90’s games by heart and the majority of the Sterns after 2000 Alien is a breath of fresh air compared to the usual pin layout.
If you never played one defenitely locate one and give it a try. A well tuned in Alien is a blast to play.
Lcd screen in playfield and backbox.
Sound and music quality
Xenomorf toy: eats your ball!!!!
4 normal size flippers
Some rather challenging shots
Beautifull popbumpers
GREAT callouts
All modes and multiballs have different outcomes: you win or lose but they are true to the movies.
Summary: unique, great, fantastic and challenging game.
4 years ago
You can most certainly have some fun while playing TZ. But the game becomes boring soon. Only the battlefield remains challenging. Getting to LitZ is fairly easy. Some modes are not really modes: they just award something. Sound quality is poor, since it is the last pre-DCS game.
I used to play this game a lot, but I’ve seen it all too many times. Fun game for a new pinhead, but just not for me anymore.
4 years ago
If you don’t enjoy playing this piece of pinball history you might consider a new hobby. I own a LE for 5 months now and I am still discovering new features and ways to play this masterpiece of a pinball machine.
There are 15!!!! main shots to make and that doesn’t include the stand-up targets. Full of unique toys and the music is absolutely fantastic.
You don’t need a collection anymore to enjoy pinball: just this one game. Ok, maybe just an Alien next to it to have some variety...
This game offers everything I look for in a pinball. My rating says it all. Play it and be amazed. But give the game some time to reveal itself since the first 20 games you might have to endure a sensory overload.
4 years ago
Beautiful to look at, way to easy to play and extremely repetitive. Ramp is unique since it can divert the ball 3 ways. Music is getting boring soon and even if there are only 7 modes some of them use the same background music when active. Most modes are too easy since you can finish some with just 1 shot.
If you want to increase the looks of your gameroom: buy it. If you look for a challenge and lastability: move on.
4 years ago
Good game for it’s time, but by now it is not worthy of a top 20 position. It offers some unique features like the ringmaster and the dissaapering popbumper, but not many other deep or challenging elements. It always felt like a big miss to me all ringmasters have the same voice. Would have been much more fun if they were different ala AfM & MM.

So decent game, but get boring quickly. Especially compared to the latest new pins from almost any manufactorer.
5 years ago
Great pinball machine. Give the game some time to reveal all it's potential. Sound ,artwork and music are top notch. On factory settings and medium outlane settings the game can be too easy for the decent and good players. If properly adjusted the game will remain challenging for quite a while. To get to the end of "Into the Fire" is not too difficult. To get to the end of "Barrel Escape" is another cup of tea. 5 nerve Wrecking stages and a sadistically difficult superjackpot shot to complete stage 5. I only nailed it twice in 1 year ownership sofar.
To complete "Battle of the Five Armies" seems nearly impossible to me. Apparently this endgame has 7 stages. I've only completed untill stage 4. If I Remember correctly you must by then kill 30!!!!! beasts..... but I keep on trying.
Great game. Third flipper can be very useful. It's not neccesary, just convenient. You'll discover that in fact it's very important to activate and stack the left outlane kickback.
Excellent use of the lcd screen. All info can be found there whenever you need it.
And the beasts get in the way sometimes or even often. But hey, in the 3 Hobbit movies they do the same. It's up to you to get them out of your way. The trolls in MM also block the double super jackpotshot sometimes during multiball madness, nobody ever complained about that.....
Play this game, look at the screen, enjoy the music and sound (play it at home and crank it up to 25 or more...) and try to beat all 3 wizardmodes. If you did let me know and you receive my congratulations.
And update the code to 3.xxxx. The code update makes a hugh difference.
19 years ago
By far best game of the decade 2000-2009. Many challenging shots, great callouts and sound effects and well balanced code make this machine a blast to play. The introductions of the three main multiballs are awesome: "A new power is rising.... To WAR!!!!!" is one of the best callouts in the history of pinball. Also the ending of the FOTR multiball: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!" by Gandalf deserves to be mentioned. The mini wizard mode offers a great challenge and great reward if you finish it.
Just two downsides: the endgame Valinor cannot be achieved by normal people and the ROTK Mb superjackpot is also unobtainable. At least for me and I do know how to play some pinball.
So if you have alot of free time ahead of you or you just enjoy the frustration of NEVER achieving the endgame Valinor this is your game. I warned you.....
20 years ago
THE greastest Classic 90’s pinball machine. It contains all a masterpiece needs. Ultra smooth gameplay, humor, variation in music, shots and sounds. Appeals to newbies and more experienced players.
If you don’t like this game, find another hobby.
20 years ago
Theme is ok, sounds good but this game is soo boring and tedious. There are no real nice shots to make. Just the center and 2 ramps. That’s basically it. Multiball is almost impossible to start, since shooting the right lock saucer is almost pure luck.
Play 1 game, maybe 2 and move on to a JJP or recent Stern or Spooky. And try a pinball Brothers Alien remake.
20 years ago
For the occasional player this machine can be fun. Who doesn't like a spinning magnet that throws pinballs around the playfield? If you need a break from your daily life troubles this machine is a good choice. If you want to have fun for more than 3 minutes you can better watch gras grow. The game is sooooo easy and repetitive, just unbearable. Only exception is when you play with someone else. Playing together makes it way more fun. It's so bad, it becomes good. It's like campy humor. Don't take the machine too serious and enjoy it for what it is.

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